I always read someone's profile before adding them.Your stories and experiences give me an idea of who you are.Also looking for similarities,and other things we might share.I like to see interaction.I want to know the person that request me.I'll weed out those that are just adding for the sake of adding.
yrral32 yrral32
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I just go with my gut instinct sometimes !

the gut instinct is that determining factor sometimes along with shiny armor

Yeah know...I respect that and Im glad you do read profiles before adding freinds. All the stuff on my profile is real. I like honesty and I'd expect truthfullness as well. This is wierd though. "I wont add you if your into sex perverted trash"?....I'd expect this from a 18-20 year old female....not a 56-60 year old man....but still...all the same it's good.

keeping my circle nice and small.I took a double take at my last line,I agree with you so I deleted it