Want To Have Fun And Connect

I appreciate what someone shares in their profile as it helps me understand if we can chit chat or at least connect on some level. There are some things, I'm just not interested in. I do have a real life outside of EP, for me EP is a fun diversion. I don't want to waste my diversion time on things which hold no appeal starting with:

Men who wear panties
Men who have small **** and want to be humiliated
Anyone who wants to be humiliated
Men who want you to send on-demand nude photos (uhhmmm I am fit, are you?)
Anyone into pee and poo
No BDSM and people looking for slaves
Fake profiles (stock photos are easy to spot and so are photoshopped pics)
Profile pics with crotch shots (old guys out there...wow, very unattractive)
People who have written little about themselves and don't write at least one story
People who start out as men, then turn into women with stolen photos
Anyone looking for a casual hook-up

Overall, I'm pretty mellow and open-minded but I do have my boundaries ;-)
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Hi there. I don't have any of the above but I'm a bit upset about the old guy crutch shots - it's true but I can dream:-) I think perhaps that's why its best to those photos (non existent) to myself. I don't think I will turn into a woman - how do you wear those high heel shoes:-) Have a good day. Peter