Well Duh!

Its quite amazing that checking someones profile BEFORE adding is so uncommon here on Ep. Id say 1 of every 10 adds I get theyv actually read an experience. Its unreal, on what basis are you adding people? Simply a profile picture? How is that going to be the foundation for a connection. I am not here for sex, not here for perverts or desperates.

If you add me and youv never sent me message introducing yourself or having commented on some of my stories I will not add you.

I dont want to add, then contact you just to delete you. I want to know before I add you that you seem like a good person, thankfully Im not alone, but I am outnumbered
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Actually this is a great thing.So good to see a beautiful woman that has standards and does not add just anyone.Good for you Chelsea!

I try to be a good person, myself. I don't do anything weird that I know of, lol. Believe it or not, when I added you to my circle, I didn't even know you had big.... assets until I read your stories and such. I thought you seemed like a nice person to talk to :|