Want Into My Circle? Read This First.

Hello, and thank you for looking at my profile page. I'm humbled that someone would want to become a 'fan' of mine, and it's even more satisfying when I can add a fan into my circle. But please understand that before I add anyone, I do look closely at profiles, read your previous posts, evaluate your group list before making any decisions.

There are a few things to consider before adding me:

- I have no interest in sex chat, cyber, sex-related email, pic trading, etc.
- I'm NOT here to meet anyone, nor am I looking to start any romantic relationships.
- I have no interest in your muscles or the size of your "malehood."
- Having a rude or sexually suggestive screen name is an automatic block.
- If your profile picture is or becomes rude, suggestive, or offensive to me, don't expect to remain on my fan list or within my circle for long.
- I don't care if you spank or if you got spanked. This is not a qualifier of common interests.

What is a qualifier is posting your memories in detail, AND having something intelligent to say to those who have taken the time to share.
If you're not willing to share your stories, then don't expect the same from others.

Yes, among MANY other topics, I do have a deep-seated interest in the topic of spankings, domestic discipline, and child development / behavior modification in general. I am NOT "Pro-Spank", nor am I "Anti-spank". I am Neutral. I feel spankings are but ONE tool on a table of many and not a one-size-fits all remedy.

I love a good story just as much as you. If you like the fantasy of spanking...cool! Share it. if you have True stories/memories, i'm even more interested.  Keep in mind, my experience as a child are NOT sexually driven. Yes, i was spanked often... this was my punishment. If your going to judge, than judge ME. Please be respectful of my mother. Also - I do loath child abuse and neglect. Stories of  Whipping, caning, beating, forced humiliation of children is NOT spanking. Stop giving spanking a bad name by including your BDSM bullshit into it.

I very much enjoy intelligent and engaging conversations and email exchanges and debates. This is not limited to spankings. If you want my opinion - ask for it. :)  I enjoy reading stories, real or fantasy. I'm not very tolerant to rants. Everyone has a right to express their own opinion on the matter and I will try to respect your opinion.  Nothing I say, claim, or argue is meant to improve our world or change anyone's opinion about anything. I'm dedicated - not delusional.

If something I post is offensive to you - PLEASE TELL ME via email message.

I don't mean to be offensive to anyone, but sometimes my words come across as being too assertive, blunt, or arrogant. 99% of the time, this in UNINTENTIONAL. Please give me a chance to offer an apology before flaming me in a public forum.

I do have an undergrad degree in Child Psychology and behavior sciences. I'm currently working on a Masters in Human Resources. This doesn't make me an expert at anything. It only means that I have spent an extensive amount of time doing research and evaluations in a college environment. The real learning comes from taking with others; living and observing real-world experience; and trying to understanding why we do the things we do.

If you share the same passions as me -- by all means, become a friend. But If all you want is ************ material, than befriending me would be a very poor choice.

Take care... and stay naughty.
- Kelly
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dang.. strict lady.. do you think my ID is is a rude or sexually suggestive screen name?

Well said.

sounds fair

Balance in life is everything... You blend very well with my everyday normal self, but not so well with the aspect I choose to present here, which is also me... I know we all are full of contrasts... However I feel naturally atracted to your very well put comments and precise mind... And if as well you pursue balanced ends on your friends list then I would lucky in lol...


Thank you for being so clear!

Couldn't have said it any better...

I do not believe in Spankings. This too, when I brought it up in one of my Stories (Here also) about how I thought it gave the character and temperament of dociling people going further with the aggressive belief's and ideas to doing it on a larger scale as making "War". Always giving the idea that we all can retaliate on others if we feel offensive. Rather than looking into another in how they are perceiving their ways and life. We all do see Life in different perspectives and our biology's give each of us a slightly different way we all approach our actions and behaviors. But I think Education and offering what and why and experiences to an issue is the way to go. Afraid of a child getting burned? Instead of being hostile about it, teach the child mildly what burning is and let it gradually increase the problem in a lesson than spanking. And so fourth. But Spanking in my mind is others offering their dislike's of Control over others. Which I disagree with. I was again when I made this Story out, I got attacked by opponents with this. I just really don't like getting into such issues like this. And I am not much into this on here on EP.

I think what you really mean to say is:

"I DO (spank!) NOT (spank!) BELIEVE (spank!) IN (spank!) Spankings! (spank!)"

When I said teaching someone what a problem is? Is not "Spanking". I said we should teach someone what a problem is by what the experience is. I hope I didn't mess up in my grammar? Like I usually do. Yet, I don't see my dis-indigenous. My "Diatribe"? I guess? I'm just saying.

See, the thing is -- this story isn't a question, nor is it asking for opinions. Yet.. you felt compelled to spank me with your verbal opinion.

You said it yourself:
"Always giving the idea that we all can retaliate on others if we feel offensive. Rather than looking into another in how they are perceiving their ways and life."

And what I'm saying is: Practice what you preach. Not all spankings require physical contact. And to even suggest that parental discipline leads to War? Come on -- that's a stretch and a half. Politicians create war - not soldiers.


I was only talking about myself. Not "Verbal Spanking" (Metaphor's) you make of it all. Was making my acquaintance by where I stand on things. Nothing of the kind as how you are interpreting my comment.

:) Well in that case, it's nice to meet you.

One thing I apparently neglected to add to this story is - I'm not here to change society or influence anyone or anything. I welcome opinions from all sides. I'm not offended, and i hope you aren't either. :)

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I just like your statements about people you allow into your circle.

I'm so hapy that there is people like you who speak your mind, the way you did. I agree with you, spanking is what it is, and not BDSM, they are two compleatly different things. I loved reading this...Thanks

So where are you coming from Kelly?

Are you looking for a husband who would modify your behaviour? Would this be part of sex or not? It seems that you could be heading for a DD marriage to me where so called punishments are also sex in my view. If you are serious, a real punishment would be on your legs or somewhere else. Is it really a punishment to do it on the part of the body that is sexually arousing? Of course you could have a pretend punishment marriage which is really sex underneath.

love the stay naughty bit at the end but agree with your policy so to speak !!!

You speak a lot of sense Kelly and avoid the pitfalls that most of the spanking world falls into. A rare thinker indeed. I have tried it but my posts were not taken up.

I did not get spanked as a child but I seemed to have a thing about it from somewhere. It has surfaced in my marriage but my wife is comfortable with it, which is great. I don't believe in sex outside of marriage although I did have slips as a single and being honest spanking is definitely sex.

Well said girl

kelly i would still like to be your friend

I do agree in every thing you say. You do have a lot of very good points. I am a 61 year man, that is looking to meet new people. I am probably almost 3 times your age, if that doses scare you away from meeting a possible new friend, I do understand. read my profile, read my stories, read what i have responded to, be my guest. Thank You for at least reading what i had just wrote. I will not pester you to answer me. it is your choice.

Couldn't have said it any better!

well said and to the point