I just don't want any creepers that I'm following. To be honest if you have any interests in per say "diapers" or "kinky stuff" you're a creep. And I'm not gonna be following you back. Needless to say, I don't follow any of y'all back unless I have a good conversation goin on with you. I ain't having any creeper on my list.
Southernpanda Southernpanda
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I agree I don't add perves or creeps I'm just not here for that if someone adds me with a inappropriate pic or experiences or even old guys adding young people(younger than legal age hell yes I pay attention) to there page and they already have nothing but an inappropriate page I block them! there are a lot of creepy people on here. No judgement you like what you like but at the end of the day I didn't make an EP page for drama/or to talk sexual smh so I wish you the best in finding what you are looking for and goodbye...

I do as well as my old profile I was bullied on so I check people's profiles to check her or her friends are not on that person's list of friends if so they get blocked.