Being Careful

I'v already blocked someone who's first line was "I'm always horny" call me crazy but I don't want my 7yr old reading over my shoulder and saying mummy what's horny mean, soooo not ready for those questions yet!!!!lol

stillgrieving stillgrieving
8 Responses Aug 10, 2009

It would be far wiser of you to not be on a site like EP in a position where your 7 year old can see the screen in the first place... I'm just sayin'.

I just wait till everyone's gone somewhere.

LOL True. I don't think I'd ever be ready!

yes there are some real weirdo's here & liars ect just block them they don't deserve a second of your time


oh and not to mention someone who has lots of nude pictures of girls and anything like that. it would be hard to explain to children =/

Good for you in taking control of your life in who you want to deal with and who you don't want to deal with.

Very wise I think most people do.