Read This Before You Add Me.

Finally, I shall write a story about this and put it on my top 8 experiences, because it's starting to bug the hell out of me.

I have probably over a hundred fans... people fan me every day. Why? I do not know.

However, I only have 23 friends. What does THIS tell you?

  1. I won't add you if you don't attempt to talk to me beforehand. Even then, it will probably take me a while to add you. The people I add I expect to be FRIENDS with.

  2. I won't add you if you have over a hundred friends because that means that we'll probably never talk so what's the point? However, if you do talk to me first, I might. I will probably delete you after a while though when its proven that we're never going to talk.

  3. I won't add you if the majority of your experiences are sexual and perverted. Sorry, I'm not here for sex. You scare me. I like to talk to people with their mind in the right place. Thanks.

Not very high standards, I don't think.

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7 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Look here. I got on this for advice and it actually helped. I am not here for women. My *** can do that for me. I dont plan on spending tokens on you and what not. I just write storys , ask question and read replies. I just started the friend thing after i realised this place ajnt too bad. Need to find.other people and things to talk about ither. Than just underwear and first time embarrassment. Im a pretty cool dude.out here where i live but had a meltdown after i got outta jail and havnt done hardly anything since.

u r on the rite track........................u r a cool person.....enjoy ur day.....

that's exactly i'm looking for. can i be ur friend?

That's a good idea i think i might start going by these rules

Quality over quantity. Sound logic and approach. I think that sometimes people try to max out on their friends as a way to boost their ego - "I've got more friends than you do..." or just an inherent sense of competition. <br />
<br />
Could also be a sense of impatience or instant satisfaction that "I'm here for friends and I want them now!"

This makes me feel honored that you accepted me as a friend. <br />
<br />
I am trying to take a similar approach. I am trying to keep my friend list small enough so that I can actually follow and interact with them some. The problem is that I keep running across a lot of interesting sounding people, but I am trying to restrain myself from adding very many. <br />
<br />
Luckily I don't have the problem of a lot of people asking to be my fan. Not a lot of people are drawn to some crazy older guy. So I haven't had to worry about turning people down.

No, very normal and understandable i think. I am flat out in my real life let alone have a lot of time to answer a lot of e-mails. I was guilty of adding when I first found this site and now I don't want to hurt anyone by deleting them but i do my best,