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I do look at other people's profiles before i add them. Those "blue heads" who don't have much of a profile are basically saying "i'm not going to be around long". I don't want a "friend" who is going to disappear tomorrow. Seems a little pointless. There must be more to someone who just details their sexual interests and fantasies too.
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yes there is alot of sexual discussions. I am fine with that but do also enjoy many other options too....

I'm with you. I've been around here a long time and I enjoy reading of the activities of others.

I love the fact you have posted this. A persons "About Me" section to me should be filled in as much as possible. Without that done it only shows a shallow person there for you to be Friends With? I prefer to be dealing with a person not a blank. There needs to be something to you. Not just your starting date. Lately I have been going back into my friends circle and revisiting some of these personalities. Hey, if they have been an EP member from back in 2008 and 2009/ 2010/ 2011 or even 2012. More than a week, why not get that updated? There are a few who could do better- So DO IT! <br />
Other wise, I have been removing them from my circle of friends. I owe that to my circle of friends. I need to look out for them and those who plan to join our happy but quirky Family of friends.