The 2013 Master Mix!

Well this is a Super Year....many of the Inductees have been overlooked or never on the list..But made it in for 2013.... Rush and Heart are Big ones....never on the list! And Quincy Jones is finally being recognized .... along with Public Enemy to name a few....Hope there is a CD,
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Became a really big fan of Heart early on and they influenced me to pick up a guitar. After seeing a Behind The Music special a few years back I was even more thrilled being a fan especially after all they have had to go through. Seeing them in concert is worth every penny for Ann's voice alone and especially if she sings Reign Over Me as a tribute to the Who. If you never heard it go search YouTube. Nancy can flat out rock and makes it look easy. Finally the Hof is beginning to wake up and realize this was long overdue

:) yes and find a better females voice than Ann Wilson. Impossible

And it is funny how your feet in dreams never touch the earth :)

I was pretty shocked that RUSH & Heart weren't added! Maybe next year. :-(

Quincy Jones being recognized is justice indeed & Public Enemy deserves credit for being one of the first socially conscious rap groups ever! They were true pioneers! :-)

I know. I read a bogus news report later saying that they weren't inducted. That's the last time i'm going to that news site! lol

*blushes* ;-)

Great choices this year : )