Isn’t it funny how a sound or a smell can bring back memories so vivid it’s like you are reliving it all over again? A drive through the country…smells of a farm…breakfast cooking in the morning…these are some of the smells and sounds that bring back memories for me. They bring back my childhood and family members that I loved dearly and have now past away. It also can bring back that innocence that we miss. 

          I love my memories…the sad one and the fun ones…they are apart of me and help me remember how great life is.

          The sad ones…the times that I thought that I wouldn’t make it through. I can look back on them now and say “Hey look at me…I did make it through it after all”. It’s those memories that give me strength to get me through the next hard time and the one after that. The happy ones…all those moments it time that made me happy and smile. No matter how small they can always bring a smile to my face. It’s those memories that make life worth it all.

rednut rednut
26-30, F
Feb 8, 2008