First Nephew

I just got to spend a pretty full day with my nephew.  Because my sister lives out of state, I haven't had very many opportunities to play with the little guy.  Sure, at times he can be a devil, but in the most loving way.  He has managed their happy-to-sad cries and sad-to-happy laughs down to a tee, but the little man has his charm. 

I think children are wonderful!  He is especially so because he is my one and only nephew. 

It is pretty hard to resist trying to make him laugh and play with him, even when I am exhausted.  Oh man the energy level!  Well, some day when I do have my own, I will really know.  It would be amazing to be able to share more "first's" with him.  I would just die if he called me "auntie".  I guess he is a little young for that right now.  I can't wait.  ;)
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Jun 4, 2007