When they are young sunflowers they follow the sun! They need energy and strength to grow and reach their full potential blossoming from the light @ warmth the sun provides.

As they mature they learn which direction to face to obtain the most light possible. Then they stand firm. Permanently facing the direction that offers the greatest opportunity for growth. There they will receive the most strength and light they mature and share the blessings of growth they received from the sun!

With everyone they come into contact with seeds of hope, joy and love healing rays...

Learn from the sunflower follow the light of the sun, gain strength stand firm!
share your light with others~we find words inspired by others we add and we has all been written before :) ~unknown~

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<p>super coolsville= I'll stand in the sun looking at your smile ROAR!!!</P>

<p>You share you're 'warm light' with me! Thank you! loving spirit xoxo<br />
amazing video love how you illustrate stories!</P>

<p>Hope>>Love>>Joy shine on you! The kid watched thanks<br />
been along time >>>>good seeing you still here!</P>still around myself

Beautiful, wow made me really think.. thanks for sharing

<p>Such a sweet Lady,(hope)we are talking might not be a divorce.Thanks for support</P>



Crp hope,joy to you!