A Letter Of Thanks To My Caregivers Who Are Also My Family Members

Dear ladies,I just wanted to send you all a letter of thanks to let all of you know how much I love,value and appreciate all of you for all you do for me physically,emotionally and spirituality. I wanted to ask all of you to be even more of a positive influence on my life than you all are already, because tommarow May7,2012 I start my journey at ORU via The Distance Learning Program majoring in Christian Minnistries, so I can become either a pastor, a youth minister and or do pastoral counseling plus who knows a little of all 3 combined. I need all of you in my life,because first of all I love each of you dearly and once I become a leader since all of you are the closests to me along with Ms.Jayne are my inner circle,partners,mentors, role models and heros in one way or another which will allow you to help me refill myself with emotional fuel that all of you give me for me to use to help inspire,motivate and give hope to those that are lost,alone,hurting and for those who are facing various challenges whether they be spiritual,physical,or emotional to help them overcome any one of these challenges they are facing.i cannot go on this journey without all of you by my side helping me in various ways whether they be helping me to study,overcome an emotional challenge,a physical challenge or a spiritual challenge. I cannot tell all of you enough how much each of you mean to me,but in ending this story let me just say thank you to God for blessing me by having each and everyone in my life by my side helping me and being by my side just because of each quality that everyone of you bring to my life. May God bless all of you,prosper all of you,meet all of your needs,but most of all by blessing me by keeping all of you ladies in my life until the day that God calls me home. I pray that he doesn't call me home for a long time,so that we can all grow old and gray together plus travel the world together while having all of you help me to be the best leader I can be while preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as I can and who will listen. Amen and once again thank all of you for just being who each of you are!!!!
quadforgod quadforgod
41-45, M
May 6, 2012