You Meet Many People But Only A Few True Friends

I have met many people and some I thought were friends but it turned out they weren't.  I feel that if you can count your true friends on 1 hand you are a lucky person.  To me, a true friend is someone you can always call if you need them but even if you dont talk for a long time, you can pick back up where you left off when you do.  With friends, it's definitely quality not quantity.  I have reached a point where I just don't have time to waste on people who are just emotionally draining and non-reciprocal. 
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Friendship could also be compared to picking the right pair of shoes to buy and get to wear everyday to work. If you choose the wrong one;you'll definitely end up with calluses. So choose the right people..better have one or two than to have a whole lot of friends and end up with ugly feet. :)