I Would Love To Watch Another Man Make Love To My Lovely Wife!

My wife has never been to bed with another man and I would love for that to happen. And I would love to watch her enjoy the love-making.
davemetevier davemetevier
66-70, M
5 Responses Sep 22, 2012

My wife has had 3 other partners to my knowledge and have no reason to doubt her.
I too would love too see her making love too a well hung guy basically because I am only 4.5" erect and *** much too quick.
Our marriage is very strong as we are work partners as well so we spend virtually all our time together and rarely get on each others nerves.
I would like her to experience a good love making session which is something I cannot give her.


I personally don't think that it downgrades a marriage. If that is your belief then so be it. We are all different and we all have different views. I love my wife enough to provide this opportunity if she wants it.

Curiouspete thank you for responding

At one point in our lives we were going to swing with another couple but something came up and that never happened. She was very much interested at that time. If she knows that this is my idea then I know she will be a willing partner.

Hey that's pretty cool man, lovely somehow