Everyone I Get Close To Moves Away

The one person that I truly felt close to and still partly do moved away to Wales I don't think I've been more upset than the day she moved away we did everything together, moving to secondary I had no friends from lower school and was bullied and teased I found a friend who was bubbly and always laughing and we bonded straight away it took me three years to trust her due to my past with people breaking my trust but to this day we are still friends and have never argued or fallen out , she got into a serious relationship about two years ago and now I barely get to see her I'm glad she's happy but I miss the laughs I have one male friend that's practically a big brother to me but I can't see him much either as he has a few problems including addiction and he shuts himself off a great deal anyone else I try to get close to just uses me , people are animals ...
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18-21, T
Sep 22, 2012