Being Me

I got to know a certain person in my life and lived a couple of years of what I thought he exspected of me and I lost tract of who I really am .and what and who is important to me ,I would say the reason might be to learn how to be grateful for what you have and not to worry about things you cant control like I cant control what he thought of me I can only control who Iam and who Iwant to be , and I know Iam a good person with a big heart to anyone I care for ,this friend of mine is somone who already had alot of love in front of him he needed somone like me to help him see it for what he has , and how good he has it , and sometimes bad relationships happen weather it be a friend or a short relationship , to help us learn how to appreciate the good and handle the bad I do believe I taught my friend to be happy with his life and it is short appreciate your family is most important and friends that care about you cause a true friend will tell you the truth no matter if it hurts and be forgiving to your mistakes , somtimes things seem horrible how could they work out this way , I wanted him to love me hes the one for me its kind of like a guardian that comes in your life I think someone who doesnt really know you who you think is pefect who makes you happier then life itself , for you to know the one who really does love you and I love me ,
dolly99 dolly99
41-45, F
Jan 3, 2013