They Are Just So Rare.

Out of all the people i have known, friends, family, online buddies, i would only count 3 of them as true friends.
By true friends, i am talking about love, not romantic love, but that bond that goes way beyond simple friendship, beyond the obligation of family. They are a part of who you are, and no matter what **** happens between you, and how far away you go from each other, and how long its been since you last spoke, the friendship cannot die. You are safe in each other's company, you can open up and just be yourself, no expectation, no judgement, just 2 people so comfortable in each other's presence that they can just be. Misunderstandings are sorted quickly and trust is absolute.
Those 3 people, so few and important deserve mention here.

My little sister. We already had the bond of family, but in recent years, we have become good friends, she looks up to me, and i see her as the best our family has produced. Though i hate to admit it to her, i am proud of her every day. We chat, joke, and are honest with each other, she knows me better than everyone bar one person. There is a chance she will be moving to my town soon, and i couldn't be happier about it.

My unrequited love. My oldest surviving friend. She really brought me out of myself, taught me the merits of hugging and just being silly. She is free in every way, she lights up any room, makes everyone she meets smile. She kept me together in my darkest hours, and when i fell in love with her, let me down gently, and showed great patience as i tried to come to terms with it. She knows me better than anyone else in the world.

My Best friend. We met at the first day of secondary school. His pencil broke, and i lent him a pen. We got chatting, and were so very different, we complemented each other as friends. My weaknesses were his strengths and vice versa. We were best friends throughout secondary school, and steadily rubbed off on each other, by the end of secondary school, we were not very different at all. I owe a large portion of my personality to him, certainly a lot of my confidence. When he got Type 1 diabetes, i removed sugary snacks from my lunch so as to not remind him of what he could no longer have. Even when we went of to our respective universities we kept in touch, i even helped him with one of his courseworks, and visited his university. Great place, and my first taste of absynth. On January 17th 2010 he was found dead in his room by his housemates. The only explanation i ever got was "complication with his diabetes". It took me a long time to come to terms with that, and was the closest i ever came to losing my faith.

These people are so important to who you are, that you cant just let them go, they can vanish for years, they can even die, and they are still with you. The loss of a true friend never really heals, and no two are every the same.
MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
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The loss of a true friend never does heal. No matter how much time passes by the intensity of the pain is still the same. I'll never be the person I once was...losing my closest friend changed me. Cherish those close to you.