It's Crazy How People Can Make Friends.

I shouldn't be a complainer but I don't understand how people can easly have someone they can talk to.
I can't talk to my family.My family's broken.
I always try to make friends,I'm always try to be funny for them,understanding for them,I always listen to their stories.
But again.
A girl tried to use me.
They always do.When they don't need my help,they don't even reply my text.Some girls refuse to talk to me at school even though they go out for clubs or drinking with me at night.Well we never last more than 3months.They start leaving from me.I feel like a disposable plastic cup.
In junior high school senior grade,I had real friends, they were male,and we are not going to a same school anymore.And after some years,we just kind of stopped seeing each other.
I can make a *boyfriend* so easily.Pretty sure they always just want to have a girlfriend that's all.(You can not think it related with the sexually phisical activity.Because I personally tend to avoid it.)
So,say now my boyfriend is like my best friend,but if the relationship is over,I'm now alone back again.
I don't understand why can't I have just some friends to hang out together and talk everything and eat lunch together at school.
Breakfast,lunch,dinner.If not with my boyfriend,I eat alone and I don't understand why I still feel extremly lonely and miserable even though I've been this way for some years.
I love reading.There is a word "A book is man's best friend".Yes that's true in my life after I got separated from my buddies of junior high days.

I wonder how people make friends?
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Jan 13, 2013