Weren't you the cherished friend. Sharing my heartfelt words with others to get a laugh. Pulling me in and pushing me away, words cutting me so deep, I didn't know I could hurt that badly.

All five years, you took great care to keep me in the dark. But, I've figured out a couple of things. One being how so many others knew of this.

I could have honestly forgiveness, had you wanted it. But. you didn't. Now, I'm left lost somewhere in hell and you probably think it's pretty funny..

Don't bother me any more. Get out of my life, my electronics everything. I know you think in a day or so I'll cool down. And you hcan have more fun degrading me.

Not this time. I tried five years. You viscirated my life.

I never want to see you again and I best not. I want nothing to do with you and I kick myself for not listening when that guy said...you didn't love me.

all this was more cruel than

it makes me sick. you make me sick. leave me the hell alone. Fot you are quickly becoming the second person I have ever hated in my life time.

I just didn't deserve this...
tsollost tsollost
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Hi tsollost
Can all hurt, both ways.

Where you from?