Friends for Life

Hi everyone, I'm Spencer! Some people are able to keep the same friends for several decades while some just move on every couple years. I'm both ways. A friendship for me lasts about an average of 2 years since I'm constantly switching schools. As school friends come and go, I have a few people who have always been there. Back in 2004, a family moved in next door and they had 2 children named Santigie and Kamani, who likes to be called KK by her friends. Cousins are like your built in best friends growing up. I have one awesome cousin/friend named Caitlyn. Last but not least, my friendship with Haley. Our friendship has grown so much these past 10 years. It all started on April 25th, 2004, I was playing on the driveway while my mom was in the back yard with my sister, Gabrielle, or Sissy as I like to call her. Haley was riding her bike around the street and Haley came up to me and asked if I wanted to ride bikes with her. I said sure so we rode our bikes across the street to Haley's house where we played on her playground in her backyard for awhile. As we were swinging on the swings, I could hear my mom calling my name. I didn't tell her where I was going! After she called "SPENCER!" a couple times, Haley's mom called back to her, "HE'S OVER HERE!" That's how my friendship with Haley started. She was my best friend all through my childhood and my teen years as well. A couple months ago was the 10 year anniversary of the day we met! She used to live across the street from me but moved last Fall because her parents got divorced. October 19th, 2013 was a sad day as that was the day I saw the moving truck on her driveway. After she moved, I would constantly bring her up during prayer requests at school. Because of that, my teacher, Mrs. Eldreth, would always ask me how Haley is doing. Even though she's now an hour away, we still kept in touch. She even invited me to a bonfire at her new house once and she's also came back to her old house a couple times. No matter how far Haley is, I'll always cherish our friendship.
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Good for you both i hope you two do your best to stay in each others lives :) such relationships are hard to find . From where i can tell people suddenly stop caring and you grow apart but i'm glad that's not the case with you ...