I wish I had an oprah's "gale" in my life or a Watson to Sherlock. A true friend who when life moves on or forward they keep the connections regardless. I have had some close friends but then time and distance, changes in interest, or circumstances erode and eventually dissolve any closeness leaving a feeling of always having to start over, begin again, back to square one...........hello, nice to meet you...........
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I actually feel the same. I think Im on the verge of losing a friend. Its sad but what can I do to someone who wants to go?.

You can't do anything if a friend wants to go or is moving on except to brace yourself and know you will be ok but it will hurt for quite awhile. A void is there for the one who is left, the one who moves on has the luxury of going to something and will not see any pain in the wake. You can't cling on, you can't change what will be, but it does sting regardless and leave you wondering why something we all want is so hard to maintain for the long haul.

I guess your right. But I can't help to feel like I was being used though. I don't really like to assume that horrible thing to a friend but I can't help it. They just talk to you when they badly needed someone to listen and now that everything seems to be okay, youre gone in the equation.

You are probably right also, they needed you and you were there. You gave them what they wanted, you helped them when they needed help or needed someone in their corner. It is sad when they can't or don't return in kind or see your needs also. So now is it better to wish them as a friend when you know what you know? Or is it better to know you where there when needed but the need is just not going to continue? Either way it hurts. Resentment will just keep a wound much longer.

Exactly. I don't really dwell much about being able to help when things are running out of hand. I think friendship is something about giving and just giving. But somehow I feel sad whenever I realize that the main foundation of the friendship was just out of need to have someone who cares. That the moment the need was already satisfied, the friendship built simply crushes down.

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