I often chew my lip when I'm having a really deep and emotional and meaningful conversation on MSN with a friend.

As all of my friends male [90% of them!! - it would be 99.9999999% except i haven't got enough friends for that to work at as true seeing as how i only have 1 female friend!!], conversation is often very lovey-dovey and i adore them so much that i melt at every word they type!

Getting to the point, after perhaps three or four hours engrossed in conversation with them, i would often find myself having chewed my lip for the entire duration of the conversation. Then a big "thing" appears on it, like a boil or something, and it takes like a week to heal!!

Thats usually the only time I bite my lip. But, it hurts. lots. i have not recently done it, so thats good =]
bulletinmybutterflywing bulletinmybutterflywing
18-21, F
Aug 8, 2007