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Hospital Enemas At 13

i had a never properly diagnosed bowel complaint as a teenager and was taken into hospital for "tests" , i was told by mum "dont worry patrick its just some tests"

Dont worry!

A day later i had been ******** of my clothes and bed bathed and given a horrible backless gown to wear. then i was taken to a torture chamber and placed on a moving tilting bed, gown lifted all the way to my shoulders and what i can only describe as the biggest fattest nurses finger in the world spend what seemed like an hour greasing up and generally exploring my arsehole.

I remember the grunt i let out when an fat nozzle was just thrust right up inside me and the filling up started.

This went of forever, i was filled and emptied three times before being released from torture chamber and put back in bed. further procedures followed at the bedside in the ward. i was introduced to a gadget called a speculum and this made itself very much at home inside me!

After sedation i had an endoscope but remember nothing of this but my full horror was realised next day when i was taken once again to the enema torture chamber, paraded naked infront of two nurses and again filled and emptied twice, the nozzle was if anything even fatter and longer than before and i am sure they doubled the amount of water i was forced to take inside and keep while i squirmed on the bed.

after this filling up twice i was put back on the bed and tilted head down for a barium enema, the nozzle was long and thing , very long it took forever to slide painfully right up inside me.

i thought after the barium enema i was free and spared any more anal invasion but no, i had to have a rinse to clean out the barium, so back once more on the dreadful tabe and this time a massive nozzle with two balloons, not one but two was stuffed up me, the inside balloon was painfully inflated as usual, stretching my arse, but this time even worse an outside balloon i had not suffered before was inflated, she just kept on squeezing the bulb and making this damn balloon bigger and bigger ripping my arse open!

so thanks mum "just a few tests"!

johnb17uk2001 johnb17uk2001 26-30, M 7 Responses Aug 25, 2012

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But thinking back on it, would you enjoy it now, if the experience were to be repeated ?

"Just a few tests!"

Yep....Your mother was not lying....

The speculum was probably for a colonoscopy and the ensuing enemas were because you were constipated. Did you have any problems after that?

not really the symptoms declined and disapeared after this hell so i think it was just something that passed naturally

I think you are HOT and you tell HOT stories! I'll bet your *** is really cute and the nurses loved playing with it!

Thanks mate, i dont know for sure if they enjoyed playing with my *** but they seemed to get enough of it!

Hi One of nine, oh god yes it was a real ordeal, the ambarrasment was worse than the physical discomfort although my brother sugested not too kindly that you could probably park a car up my arse after the last speculum went up me.
Nothing was ever diagnosed, it was all sufferring in vain, the symtoms ended and I was left with the experience and memories and those two nurses had a good chance to get the gloves on and their rocks off.

That's brothers for you! I have four of them and could not manage without them, though we had many fights when we were younger. I hope you are in good health now.

That sounds a real ordeal. Did they find out whether anything was the matter, or was it a question of suffering in vain?

I can verifly that these procedures actually take place! I have personally endured much the same thing as he is describing in his recollection! A well written story with all the important details included. <br />
Enema stories are always interesting!

thanks mate, glad someone enjoyed it! I love the memory now but at the time it was hell

I understand how nude embarassment, and seemingly brutal butt treatment can make you hate it at the time. The problem with the people who were taking care of you is that they did things too fast and too suddenly. You were young and had not experienced that sort of thing before and it was scary and confusing could make you afraid.
They should have gone slowly with you, and explained everything as they went along from how long it would take, to the necessity of nudity, to the feelings you would experience. Then they should have given you your enemas very slowly so they did not fill you up so fast that you got the cramps and you hurt and you got all sweaty and uncertain about what was happening. They had no compassion, no feeling for you as a patient, and no dignity in themselves. They went too fast, and forced you to go too fast in a situation that was new and scary to you. You are OK! I wish it had been nice for you, as enemas can actually be nice. However, I agree totally about barium enemas, they just hurt. I hope you are OK now, and thanks a lot for sharing your recollections with us. I really appreciate knowing about such things.

Well said - the fact that they never properly explained what they were "testing" him for (if anything) suggests sheer contempt for their younger patients (parents may be famous for "cruelly underestimating" their offspring, but these are medical professionals: they should behave better)


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