Gosh, What Is She Doing To Me?

Gosh, I never was constipated nor had a decent reason for mom's enemas. Perhaps she wanted to assert her dominance or her RN training or was she just horny.

Hard to say now but enema me she DID. She never showed any erotic interest so neither did I but well, BINGO. One day I found the enema exciting. I hid any erection I might have had but I was an expert in restraint so I could later indulge in the lusty pleasure.

Many times I had a mighty surge of lust over perhaps a view down a lovely blouse or from a view of a pharmacy display or Sears catalog of amazing enema/douche equipment. As most of us I thought I was alone in the thrills of enema lust.

Some homes of that later day had enema things on display in the bathroom or in closets but no one spoke openly about them. Did other people find them erotic or was I the only one?

bobfrenson bobfrenson
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

you were not the only one. I still love the enema and I get the most reward from giving an enema to a younger male.

There was a glass display cabinet outside one or our town's pharmacies when I was growing up in the 1950s. I always got a reaction when a Higginson's syringe was on display. A curious fascination, which I knew was taboo, and endeavored to hide from my mother whenever we walked past that shop window, for I longed to doddle there.