They Bring Out My Different Sides

I have so many different sides to my personality that it makes sense for me to be friends with a lot of different groups of people. For example I love karaoke but a lot of my friends don't, so back home I have a group of friends I would meet up with in our local karaoke bar. These are friends that I wouldn't go shopping with, they are just my karaoke friends. Then I have my drinking friends, I have a lot of these, we go out and get drunk but don't often go out for dinner together, their my drinking buddies. I have my dinner friends and house party friends etc in school it was the same, I had a laugh with the swotty nerds in class, they were great but I wouldn't have gone round the sheds for a sneaky ciggie with them because none of them smoked, no I'd go there with my rebel friends lol!
31-35, F
Sep 23, 2007