I have a friend by this name also. My reason for writing this as I had thought about suicide when I first came to E.P. I have now taken some therapy and seem to be better. iIve cut down on therapy and still see a do  see a doc. My 2nd oldest child was shooting up morphine and now he is not.He is working and has a new girlfriend and I believe that hes straight. So I choose life now and I dont ever want to feel like that again!

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as you are also my friend!

I am glad you've chosen to stick it out. Its hard on all of us but we are already on this ride some of the lifts and dips are fun however terrifying. I'm glad you're sitting next to me.<br />
<br />
You're a terrific friend.

I agree with what Heinke said completely. You are such a positive and inspiring person, Flourlady. Thank you for sharing this :)

thanks -friends

Great!! Life is about continually choosing right - choosing to let go of anger and bitterness, choosing to see the best in others and ourselves, choosing to be grateful, choosing to live...

I choose Life now,<br />
I like that,I hope you continue to grow strongrt and stronger, in your Life.*