Or I Do Now - And I Will Be Having A Fire-sale!

Oh, I shall!

I am going to get rid of the fluffy, the pretentious, those who spend an eternity preening and moaning. Those who make assumptions about me because of my experiences; or because I am male? Those who never contact me. Those who have NEVER contacted me - including some who have been circled and then never had the decency to either respond in kind or express a reason for not doing so. Those who spend half of their time updating their story in the "I Want You To Read This Before Adding Me To Your Circle" group.

That's not actually too many, when push comes to shove and there are some who I have lost touch with - especially some who I contacted in the early days, who will remain regardless. Who have maybe moved on in any number of ways - there are people here I will never say goodbye to - the yknow who they are ;-) If you are high-maintenance or demand attention from the whole community 24/7, then because I refuse to be a sheep or indulge in "there, there" platitudes - well farewell!

But most of all, I am going to prune - if I cannot remember WHY you are there, then out you go! I have a small circle of real people here. I have a circle made up of people who I LOVE to read. People who inspire me. I think that is enough reallly. Some of those have a circle running into thousands! How the hell you maintain tht I do not know; but good luck to you. Others with a circle with a population greater than NYC - why?? What's it for?

Beyond that, maybe the best way to go is to wait for people to come to me. Now; do excuse me - I have some gardening to do!  And as for feelings? The ones who get pruned will probably never realise; they are either ignoring me or are far too busy looking in a mirror somewhere to even notice ;-)
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Lol, I see no fluffiness here at all!<br />
<br />
:-) Just real people...

I completely agree with what you say, you get messages saying you have a new friend, or Fan, <br />
you hear from them once and then they go missing, you end up with a list of people who do not contact or talk with you, never mind read anything you write, like yourself I have been around EP for some time, and all the stuff I post is real stuff from our life, not fiction like a lot of the stuff you read on hear, we like to post our stuff because we want to share our selves to true friends, <br />
so if you ever wanted to chat, you know I will always answer you and chat with you, <br />
Love <br />
Dave & Sara,

Ok dear man. But remember, I'm a wife and mum. I am risking divorce being on this thing and even if I only manage a snippet to all my friends on EP every now and then, I feel very happy. But, I know what you mean. In life...daily life,, it's not possible to keep all of my friends happy. There are some people whom I only meet up with once a year but we still consider each other close friends. It may be a little sad, because I do wish that I could constantly be surrounded by and engaged with my friends. Reality is, I take what I can get. So, even though I have requested your friendship, perhaps I should tell you now that I won't pass the acid test.

Agreed. Though, if it's OK with you - YOU's a-going nowhere! ;-)<br />
<br />
You write beautifully.