An Attempt!

I am not a intelligent boy so i try my best. I like watching cartoon films, learning maths and physics...
I have studied at university of technology after i graduated high school 4 months ago.In my country,If you want to earn more money and to be respected you will study at university of foreign trade.Some people showed that to me.But i don't like it at all.
I was chosen for good groups at university.But,I have been in trouble of learning at university at the first time.i didn't get on well with my flatmates,they were so noisy.i tried methods to learn better.After 3 months,i felt good.i felt my flatmates so kind and i took pleasure in my work.Now, i am very happy.I promise myself that i will learn hard to be the best student in my class.And i don't care what people think about me,just to be happy.
monkmin monkmin
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013