Choices: How Can We Be Sure They Are Right?

Today I had to call the police to make a report against my husband's friend for threatening me. What is it in this world that makes people become mean? There are some people that face great adversity and yet are the most open-minded and giving people in this world. If you ever meet one of those take a moment to say thank-you for just being nice! I do not handle well confrontations and people that yell at me. Right away my guilt complex kicks in and I think what have I done to this person to make them hate me so. What didn't I do. Was I not nice enough to them, did I not remember to provide them with an empathetic ear, did I fail somehow as a human being that makes you hate me so much. In my situation the individual I had to deal with is full of anger, full of hate and lives his life on a daily basis that way. Yes this is my husband's friend and business confidant. My husband was here when he proceeded to berate me and use endless expletives that I do not wish to put down. He told me I should me committed and I am a no good nothing person. It just kept going on and on until I was on the phone with the police. His face was red and sweaty, I remember thinking gee unless this man calms down he is going to have a heart attack and I will have to give him CPR and then he will really be mad at me.

I am perplexed at this time, this has a greater impact than I can deal with right now. So I will write more later. . .

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Did you ever figure out why?

You are stronger than you think g/f....

Thank-you more than you ever know for the wonderful supportive comments received after I posted this. It reaffirms my belief that there are lots of good good sweet people out there. <br />
And yes the police questioned my husband as to why he did nothing. I was not privy to that conversation. The police are now going to-nite to speak with this individual. I guess I am not the first to make a complaint against him and his temper. His wife was. He raised his hands to her and the kids and she is 5 months pregnant with their 5th child.<br />
But something good came out of this I did not pick up the bottle like I used to do when faced with a stressful situation. Of course I had no bottle to pick up here at home and my car probably wouldn't make it to the store without dieing but then again I could have walked the 10 miles. But I didn't!!! So everyone that does not have an issue with drinking have a cold beer for me. <br />
Thanks to you all, without this I wouldn't have pulled myself out of this self-pity mode and realized that others out there have bigger more important problems than mine. Of course the night is still young!:) :) :)<br />

Maxwell, I'm so sorry my friend... things like this should NEVER happen but they do... Your husband did NOTHING???? What is this world coming to?<br />
God, I wish I could've been there - I'd have belted him!

i second siddler's comment on why would your husband not stick up for you? that one puzzles me, and i sure would be questioning my husband and waiting for the RIGHT answer if there is one. sorry for starting to rant, that's the last thing you need , i AM sorry you had to go thru that.

That sounds really terrible. I don't understand why your husband would stand for you being berated in your own house, even if the guy is a friend and business partner. You did the right thing callling police, that sounds kinda scary.