Reality About Terrorism, War And Facts About The World Around Us - A Former Soldier's Pov.

My life has been filled with a lot of crazy events. One most seriously was when i was in combat overseas. I'm currently writing another series of stories for this site that have to do with my life in the army, but are not yet complete. This following story was just some rambling I was doing with a friend of mine on email, who is a fellow writer and martial artist. Very little of it is censored here, except for the names of places where I was. But all of it is fact, whether you want to believe it or not.

So here's that email in most of it's alarming bulk:

I feel like I'm getting old and have wasted the last decade, when I should have been out having fun, dating and all that as they were supposed to be my prime years, but they were anything BUT prime years. They sucked. I'm trying to make my life a little more prosperous now, not to mention happier by having someone to love. So i've been searching, using dating sites and Craigslist with not a lot of success, but trial and error is a part of life, and I'm willing to do what is difficult in order to get a successful result. After all, if I didn't live by that code, I would have never been good at anything, even wrestling and martial arts, and i certainly would never have survived the war in -------. When things get tough, I get tougher than the problem, and I fight it with all my might. I don't allow myself to be run over by anything or anyone anymore. Having been weak, and allowing people to walk all over me and abuse me in 6th through 8th grade, letting people torment me, only made me weak and angry, and i couldn't live like that any more. So I did what I had to do and for a time, I succeeded in everything, despite people - especially my parents and some of the kids at school - putting me down. So I have to be stronger than that, and conquer each problem as it comes my way.

I would still be homeless like I was in the late 1990s after I got out of the army, if I had given up on anything. I just have faith, pray, and let God lead me to where I have to go. I know I will get there soon, but I also know it won't just come to me immediately. I have to travel the long difficult path, and EARN IT. Then when I've done it, I will get what I want and so much more than I expect, because I've been blessed by God for making the journey with my faith intact and also staying strong both spiritually, physically and mentally. Otherwise, I'd get stuck in the mire, and sink into it and die. I've seen way too many people do that, and I cannot be like them. Though my resources are very limited now especially financially, I still use all of my knowledge and personal strengths to achieve what i want to achieve. And if I can achieve with very little, such as the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains, I will be able to get more than everything I have ever wanted by using what little I have because I at least believe in myself and my abilities and I refuse to give up and let myself be beaten.

I am what I am because of what I have experienced and gotten through. When I tell people stories about my life, and honestly tell them the absolute truth, very few of them believe me, because what I experienced was so extraordinary, it's unbelievable. We were even talking about it in my social group yesterday. Sometimes people who have had an easy life cannot comprehend how someone else can have a difficult life, or experienced something different from what we can understand as being "normal".

We as Americans are actually quite unaware of the world around us because we are not affected by what happens in other countries as our continent is so isolated from everyone else. In other countries, they are all neighbors, and they know what goes on in other countries and they care because it can affect them very easily. So we are here, not knowing what goes on in other countries, nor caring what happens, nor believing that it could happen when it does. We don't realize that the citizens of other countries don't have the same opportunities that we have. We all assume that everyone else lives like we do, with all the same comforts and luxuries. But then we hear about the starving children in Africa or something, and we think it's just a small group of people. That's not true.

There are more impoverished people in the world - and I mean SERIOUSLY IMPOVERISHED PEOPLE than those who have enough to eat on a daily basis, let alone those that have what we take for granted here in America. We have homes, a roof over our head. We have a good education system. We have TVs and radios, DVD players, BLU-Ray, video games, telephones, cars, running water, good plumbing, electricity, a decent government that doesn't completely oppress the people. We have plenty of money, even though the government is in debt. We as individuals in America have quite a lot. And this I know, because i have talked face to face with those who seem to have what is considered "plenty" in other countries, and the seriously impoverished, and I can compare with my own current poverty, and i still have more than even the wealthy people of their countires do. It's astonishing how little they have.

We have the right to follow our choice of religion, instead of being forced to believe one thing, and anyone who diverts from it is killed. I have seen burned out churches whose faith is outside the national allowance. We have the opportunity to better ourselves here, when others who are in one class of people, STAY there because they have absolutely no opportunities to get better. They get no education, no better housing, no employment, no healthy food, no fresh water to drink, and their physical health is so poor, that it's a miracle that they survive, with all the pestilence and disease swarming throughout their country. They are only hanging on because their heart amazingly is still beating. What could be causing the heart to survive the punishment that they go through on a daily basis is beyond my comprehension or understanding. But they are always in my prayers. I have seen these people face to face, so I know what they are going through.

We can even eat better than they do. Not just to the point of filling our bellies, but it is the quality of the food we have here. When I was in Africa, we were eating what the locals ate. BUGS. I learned how to "cook" and EAT desert spiders, flies, ants, scorpions, wasps, and other things like that. I learned how to take the "uneatable" parts of an animal that would disgust any American, and make a meal out of it. I have cooked and eaten horses eyes, cow hearts, kidneys, lungs, muscle tissue, skin, intestines, even brains of different animals. I've learned also how one can take something that is "expired" and rejuvenate it to where it is edible.

What we have in America is blessed, and we cannot begin to imagine or believe how blessed we are to be here, and how many people want in other countries to be live in America as well. This is why we are sometimes considered the "Great Satan" in Arab countries, because they have so little, but they see us having so much, but we WASTE IT ALL. We eat like wild animals, scarfing down more than we should, and still don't finish the meal, and we throw the scraps away instead of saving them. We use our money to buy things with no real purpose except for our personal entertainment and luxury to show off to other people that we are special and successful with the greatest vanity in our hearts like the devil himself, and let it rule our lives. We are arrogant, selfish, self-centered and careless. And according to people around the world, they either admire us, wish to be like us, or hate us because of what we do, what we believe in, and how we ignore reality because we are too busy and selfish with our own little lives. We consider ourselves as kings and queens and don't give a hoot about those that suffer outside of the few walls that we call "home." The suffering in other countries is known about, but very little of the population does anything to help the situation get better. And then those people who donate to the impoverished of other countries neglect to do anything about the impoverished, right here in America, even right down the street from your own house. Tell me, when was the last time you gave money to a homeless man, or let him stay with you for a while so he can get cleaned up, some stable meals, and a way to get a job? Never, right? That's what I figured. Nobody really cares. One will say "Oh, yes, I care," but is anything done? Nope. "Oh, I donate $20 a month to "such-and-such" organization." Really? Does $20 buy anything here in America? So what do you think it's going to buy when it's converted equally in worth to the local currency? What about that guy who lives under the bridge in your own hometown? What have any of us done for him lately? We're all a bunch of Ebenezer Scrooges, and we don't even care that we are. Some say, "It's my success, so that means it's my money, my wealth, my way of easy living. Screw the rest of the people. I want to live comfortably, and as long as I have my Mercedes, my house in the hills, and a couple million in the bank account, I'm happy, because I've worked hard enough to afford happiness." It's people I see walking around like that with those words on their lips that I want to just punch in the mouth and break a few teeth, because I can't stand it.

In the case of the war in ------ that I was involved in, nobody else in the world knows about it because of many different factors. Insurgents were making their own simple weapons out of wood, bone and stone, and going throughout the country to different villages, and killing all the inhabitants. Since none of these villages had running water or electricity, none of them had telephones or computers to contact anyone. Plus, they couldn't fight back because they were unarmed, and by law, not allowed to own weapons. Even in a well-to-do country like Japan, regular citizens don't have the right to own firearms. Anyone found with a firearm or a weapon that wasn't for decorative purposes, is imprisoned. So here you have thousands of people being slaughtered, without the news getting out to anyone. The government of ------ doesn't even know about these massacres until a tax collector goes to the village, and then sees the corpses that have been laying there for months in the places where they were killed. And then without the ability to give them proper burials, they are left there, just as they are. I've seen these villages. Decadent corpses, skeletons laying everywhere, in these little villages where everyone in practically related to everyone else, and they all work for the survival of the village. They have nothing except the food that they grow out of the earth. They certainly don't have the comforts that we have, and their homes are little wooden huts no bigger than a one-car garage, with only a door and one window without glass. They don't have carpeting, and someone with a wooden floor is considered wealthy. There is no running water, no electricity, no automotive transportation, and some villages they don't even have horses to get around on!! They walk wherever they go, but they never leave the village for any reason. So nobody finds out that any of this happens. The government there is very seclusive. They never tell anything to anyone for any reason, because it is their own problem and they deal with it their own way. None of it gets on our nightly news networks, none of it gets on the internet which we as Americans trust for every little bit of information in the world, and very little of it is accurate or true, and so we remain ignorant about things, and refuse to believe that something happens unless our almighty internet tells us it is true. We treat the internet like it is some kind of omniscient god! I hate it when I tell people what I saw and what I did and they tell me that I'm a liar. And it happens to more people than just myself. Many people speak the truth, and all it takes is one person to not believe them, and the person with the truth is libeled and slandered on social media for the whole world to know and laugh at them.

Well here's what I say to them. "See these battle scars? See the pain in my heart? See the actual knowledge that I have about certain things that have been proven are true, like the names of weapons and how to use them? Do you hear the same screams day and night in your head that don't really exist in the current time, but they are brought to you by the memories of the days when they happened? Do you smell the rotting flesh that laid before me, and still smell it today? Did you actually go there and see any of it yourself to dispute these claims to prove that I'm lying and that what I'm saying is not true? Of course you haven't, won't and can't! So shut your effing mouth or I'll shut it for you real fast and real hard!" It's enough to drive me more insane that I feel. That is why I don't use social media very much. I never blog or use twitter. I'm rarely on facebook. I only go there when I get a message from someone or a friend request. I don't use myspace because that is where all the libel was coming from, the members of that site. So yes, I will tell people the truth, because I believe they should know it. They have a right to be informed about what goes on in other countries even if the governments don't want them to know. I can't let people remain in the dark about the world around them, even if the truth is disgusting and hard to swallow.

And that's another thing. Terrorists. We all think that they are a ragtag bunch of crazy religious zealots wreaking havoc because they think that if they torment someone else, people will fear them. Well let me tell you something that Americans don't know, and refuse to believe. Al Qaeda and all the other terrorist groups out there are NOT ragtag clans working independently. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS A PAID GOVERNMENT MILITIA, AND THAT IS THE GOD'S-HONEST TRUTH!!!

You want proof? What do we always see terrorists with on these videos on the news and internet video streaming sites? FIREARMS!!!! And not only do they have firearms, they have so much ammunition that they can waste bullets by firing their guns in the air like maniacs, whooping and hollering like savage, insane idiots from Planet of the Apes!! Firearms cost A LOT OF MONEY, ammunition costs even more, and they are even MORE expensive in countries like in the Arab nations. Even though the dollar amount might not seem like much to us, about $200, over there, it's a different matter. $200 to them is A LOT OF MONEY, and usually several months of income. There are about 4 to 5 people out of 100 that own a single firearm in those countries, according to my research. And for an area where a good percentage of people don't even have electricity or running water in their homes, even in the big cities, to think that they have the money to afford firearms and limitless ammunition on their own personal poverty income is a freaking impossibility!! Even if their terrorist group leader is "rich" they still don't have the money or the ACCESS to the weapons because they are OUTLAWED by the government ( in some countries, not all ) for citizens to own in the first place!!! Why are they outlawed? The reasons could really be anything, as simple as making the local citizens safe from crime, or other good reasons. But in my opinion, for some countries in the world, it's because the government fears ANY UPRISING from the citizens to tear them down, and if they give the people weapons, they will have a revolution on their hands. So they only trust giving weapons to people who are on the side of the government and are willing to do anything for the government to help it survive, even secretly killing anyone in their country or outside their country that may pose a threat to them. Any REAL POLITICAL TERRORIST GROUP would be instantly found by the legal state police system and imprisoned for life for even owning a firearm, or GATHERING IN GROUPS for political or religious reasons that are not sanctioned and allowed to be held by the government!!!! I'm not naming any names, or listing any governments specifically that do this, but around the world, there are many different governments and different laws on weapon ownership, and this reasoning could be a possibility, but I am not stating this as fact for any country, because I have no proof. So this is only a possibility and opinion. But opinions matter nothing in the scope of what proof actually exists. But from what I've seen in my travels, it seems like everything is on this very rickety rope-bridge overlaying a canyon full of razor sharp rocks. I didn't feel safe in most of the countries I went to. And with good reason...

So why do you think those Navy Seals found Osama bin Laden in that friggin huge palace home????? And believe me, that is a MAMMOTH SIZED MANSION compared to the rest of the homes in that country, even for those who are supposedly wealthy! BECAUSE HE IS A NATIONAL HERO! NOT BECAUSE HE IS A TERRORIST WHO CAME UP WITH THE IDEA FOR 9/11, BUT BECAUSE HE WAS THE NATIONAL MILITARY WAR GENERAL!!!!! Do you know what Al Qaeda means in Arabic? I asked someone who spoke the language, and he said it translates to "The military base". I even proved it by looking it up on multiple translation sites. They all said "the base" or "the military base". One person told me it translated to "the toilet," but I know he was just joking. Why would any independent terrorist group that is trying to be badass name themselves after a government establishment? Because they DON'T EXIST AS INDEPENDENT GROUPS. AL QAEDA IS A ARABIC TERM, THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF THE COUNTRY CAN USE IN VAIN, SO THAT IN THE MINDS OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE COULD MEAN SOMETHING TERRIFYING, WHEN IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING FRIGHTENING AT ALL! Or, they could just be telling the absolute truth, which is what they are doing. When they say "Al Qaeda did it," They are saying "Our military did it." Simple as that. They aren't EVER saying that "A terrorist group beyond our control is doing it." Using the Arabic term Al Qaeda shows our ignorance into what the name means SO THAT WE AS AMERICANS AND OTHER WESTERNERS CAN BLAME SOMETHING THAT REALLY DOESN'T EXIST BECAUSE WE WANT TO SAY THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF THESE TERRORIST GROUPS ARE NOT INVOLVED IN THEIR ACTIONS, WHEN THEY ACTUALLY MIGHT BE INVOLVED! I'm not saying that they ARE involved, but it is a possibility. Again, opinion and speculation. But when I saw how they found bin Laden in that carefully guarded mansion with walls around it, I knew that we were dealing with something bigger than a ragtag group of religious extremists. Don't you think the government would have known that he was there, and they would have imprisoned him themselves? That didn't happen. Americans had to catch him. Everything was top secret, and when it was released, most of the information was not told to the public for safety and security reasons.

Now I'm not saying that the people of the Arab countries are inherently bad, nor their religion. I have a few Arabic friends. They are good people. But governmental regimes and religious extremism can be very dangerous! I have been in a lot of different countries, and I have even been in Afghanistan and Pakistan when the Taliban were in control. A woman was killed in the street by at least a dozen men, including her brother, or whoever was escorting her, for simply SNEEZING IN PUBLIC. It's friggin unbelievable what they did when that regime was in control of the government, and things have not improved much, even though the news says it is. It's all a bunch of BS. They've been behaving that way towards women for several millenia, and I don't think it's going to change any time soon. Even in America, women didn't really have any rights until the 1920s, and the Women's Liberation movement in the 1970s changed a lot of things too. We also had slavery in this country, and that was wrong, too. But things changed for the better. Nobody is perfect, and everyone as governments and societies and individuals can change for the better. But a lot of times, It is the GOVERNMENT that is doing all these wicked things.

But when the UN goes over there and starts asking questions, they know that they don't want to be caught, so they say "No, it is not our government that is doing these things. It's a bunch of ragtag religious zealots acting under their own propaganda." Because they KNOW that if they admit the truth, their country would find themselves IMMEDIATELY INVOLVED IN A MULTI-NATION WAR AGAINST THEM TO WHERE THEIR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT AND POSSIBLY THEIR SOCIETY WOULD BE COMPLETELY WIPED OUT!! They already know that our men are over there, fighting a bunch of "insurgents and terrorists". But if it came to the point to where it was national army verses national army, and a full-scale, government-declared war against a government regime, instead of this frigging phony "war against terror" they'd be in real trouble! And the couple thousand of our men that are over there now would find themselves joined up with about a million more men on their side. One bomb dropped per day on locations that are thought to contain terrorists would soon become a hundred bombs a day dropped on every government building in the country, and the homes of innocent civilians. I seriously don't want that to happen, but it could. It's bad enough as it is, and I don't want it to get worse!

Do they have nuclear weapons??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! They do not have the technology, nor the money, nor the education or the scientific know-how, nor the FISSIONABLE MATERIAL in their area to make such weapons!!! Even if they could afford it and had the know-how to make the, they could not!! It doesn't matter if they have nuclear weapons there or not, really. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. I have no proof to say either way. But I do know what would be needed, and according to my research, they just don't have the ability nor the resources to do it. Plus, even if they had one or two, or a few, even a hundred, it doesn't compare to how many we have in America! In this case, America is the bigger threat, but I hope we never use them. I hope nobody does. I think we learned enough from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and even Chernobyl, and the Japanese earthquake a few years ago was a threat. But even though the Arabic counties might not have NUCLEAR WEAPONS, doesn't mean that they don't have WEAPONS. And any weapon, even one made of wood, bone or stone, can do significant damage to another human being, or even buildings.

Why do you think the ruins of Rome and Greece are the way they are? They weren't damaged by bombs dropped from airplanes or any explosives at all! They were damaged by people breaking them apart, brick by brick, stone by stone with their own HANDS and hand-held weapons!! The dark ages were not dark because of nuclear fallout, they were not dark because the sky was constantly dark because the sun didn't shine on them. It was dark because the world governments were constantly at war with each other and their own citizens, and they were killing each other with weapons that would make people today laugh at them, and think, "How in the world could this thing kill someone else?" We are fragile creatures, and the simplest of things can kill you. i even heard of a story where a woman was driving her car, got in a wreck and died, not from the impact, but because the PLASTIC NOSE ON A STUFFED ANIMAL SITTING ON THE REAR SHELF OF THE CAR BEHIND THE BACK SEAT NEAR THE WINDOW, FLEW FORWARD WHEN SHE REAR-ENDED SOMEONE, AND THE NOSE OF THE TOY STRUCK HER SKULL WITH ENOUGH FORCE TO CAUSE A HEMORRHAGE!

You go to a museum and see a bunch of swords and weapons of the past on display. Those things never saw the battlefield. They are all well-cared for, gold and jewel inlaid, CEREMONIAL and PROCESSIONAL and DECORATIVE WEAPONS that never saw combat, nor were constructed for combat. They were used for processional symbols of authority in the chambers of the king, as he sat on his throne. They had a bunch of people standing against the walls with these fancy-pansy weapons, and never moved, just to give the look of a royal army in the palace. Real battlefield weapons were plain and blunt, and made quickly. Some were not even as sharp as one would think. On the battlefield, men carried as many weapons on their person that they could carry, because sooner or later, one of those weapons would BREAK, and if that happened, they needed a way to keep on fighting, otherwise they would die.

During the battle of ------ I carried a Runka, a Bardiche, a Swiss Halberd, Daisho ( katana and wakizashi, the paired weapons of a Samurai ) a Katar, a Kusarigama, a Bwaka throwing knife, a Chakram and a Khanjarli dagger. I was covered with chainmail armor covering my torso, arms and legs, along with a modern bulletproof vest ( which was too small for me ), and a basic US kevlar helmet. I never carried a shield. The larger weapons were laced along my back, by using rope, woven around my LBE belt, which is used in the modern army, to carry ammuntion magazines, canteens, a flashlight, pistol holster, first-aid kit, and bayonet. Heavy laden, yes, but each weapon was not as heavy as some people think, and Hollywood makes them seem. A properly made katana weighs only 3 pounds. A good runka, bardiche and halberd weigh 5 to 6 lbs, and sometimes lighter if the shaft is made out of a lighter material. I found that the M-16 A2 rifle was quite a bit heavier than most melee weapons. With so many weapons attached to me, it got a little heavy, but I've worn backpacks in both the army and as a civilian that were heavier than all the weapons put on me. I will say that they were kind of clumsy to carry around on my back, and they often klanged together, but they also were excellent for parrying an attack from the rear, especially the back of my head and neck. I wasn't stabbed until near the end of the battle. The only weapons I had left by this time were my katana and katar. The naginata that I was stabbed with, went through the chainmail armor, underneath the bottom of the bulletproof vest, and pierced all the way through the ilium of the hip, until it protruded through the front, in my upper thigh. I fell to my knee, and then turned around, which caused the enemy and his stolen weapon to be disarmed, which made it easier for me to chop his bloody head off, and then crawl out to an open area and pull the naginata out, very slowly and dress my wound tightly with aid from my LBE belt. The fact that I survived came only through quick thinking and never giving up, and doing the right thing at the right time.

Heavy metal armor, the kinds we see in museums were only worn by KNIGHTS. People on the battlefield were considered lucky to have any form of armor at all, even a shield was something of a rarity. A large, heavy shield would make a warrior unbalanced, and also made them clumsy, because they could only use one hand to handle a very light and small weapon, and most always a long thrusting spear. Shields were used by soldiers in phalanx formations at the head of the infantry to protect archers and spear-bearers - from arrows and spears!!! Very rarely from swords at all. Fighting with a sword and a large shield at the same time is practically impossible. There are some very small, light shields carried by infantry men, but no real battlefield shield was ever as fancy looking or engraved with symbols like we see in movies. Both hands have to be open and able to carry and handle the weapons. Parrying with the weapon is the way you block and defend yourself. You wear simple armor, but nothing that is too heavy and can slow you down. Only Hollywood and ignorant writers about such things have made our society believe that all warriors in the dark ages walked around with heavy metal armor, fancy helmets, shields and a sword at the same time. And although entertaining, movies like "300" And "Braveheart" are so INACCURATE that it's humorous for someone like me to watch them, because I know the truth, and the history, and the reality of combat, the weaponry and the accuracy of battlefield combat tactics.

Can we blame the society or the whole culture of a country where the government is corrupt? Not at all. I mean, look back to history that we can understand and know about very well. Were ALL the Germans evil because the NAZIS were in control during World War 2? No. They weren't. Not even all the soldiers were involved with the "evil plans" of the government. Mr. Bruckner, my senior year geometry teacher at Upland High was in the German army at the time. He was born in Austria, just like Hitler himself. He was the best math teacher I had in my life, and one of my favorite teachers of my entire life. But he never talked about believing in the propaganda, even though he did often discuss what happened then, because he wanted us to understand that history from a point of view that experienced it first hand on the enemy's side.

So I'm saying this, please know that I'm telling you the truth. We are dealing with things these days, based on a lie, and since the 11th anniversary of 9/11 just hit, this is appropriate for you and everyone else to know. Unless you have been a part of something yourself, and have seen it with your own eyes, don't talk about it as if you know about it, because, like what Socrates said, "The greatest wisdom is knowing that you know nothing," or something like that. We know absolutely nothing about the world because nobody else knows what they are talking about. Unless they can PROVE that they were THERE and have experienced something or if it was recorded on video, completely all the way through from beginning to end, we have seen nothing, and therefore can know nothing. I am not about to say that I know what our American forces are actually going through over there in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and wherever they are now. Each of their experiences are unique, and though I can UNDERSTAND COMBAT and talk about what I know of it, my experiences were different from theirs. So I'm not going to debate with them what is going on in the combat zone. But I can say that I know about insurgencies, terrorists, militias, government armies and all that, because I have DEALT WITH ALL OF IT PERSONALLY AND I KNOW ABOUT HOW IT ALL WORKS. If I told you everything that I know, you'd be having nightmares for the rest of your life. I've put people into comas by just describing the war as it really happened, step by step. It's terrifying. And being a writer and putting everything down on paper makes it a good story, but I really try to dumb it down, because if all of the truth was said, people wouldn't be able to handle it. Even my new writing partner, Cody, said, "Don't dumb it down. Describe it in every detail. I want to be scared." He writes thrillers and horror stuff. Well, he ain't seen nothing yet. But I'm not ever going to make it so that everything is crystal clear because even those who say they can handle it, will find that they won't be able to handle the visions that I will put in their heads. And yet, just a story of words spoken, or written CANNOT replace the truth of the brutality of SEEING IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES. Because it stays with you all of your life and never goes away.

I'm not having an anxiety attack or a PTSD moment right now, but I think it's important for you to know what's going on, especially at this anniversary of 9/11 which everyone seems to be talking about, and thinking that they know stuff, because it was all that I was hearing at group, and what I hear of my roommates talking outside the other night about it, and every other thing. If you study martial arts, then that's good? Be true to it, but use it as a sport, only. Don't get it in your head that you can go out and fight in the street or think you know about weapons and the military and everything, because I'll be honest with you here, and I'm also being respectful, but i'm telling you the truth. You will never ever know about real combat, or the combat tactics. Studying kendo with the shinai is a fun sport, and I was trained with that too. But that is not real combat with the sword. Nor is fencing. All of it is just a joke when it comes to battlefield warfare. And very few people in western culture have ever seen the reality of it. You can study all you want in books. You can take fencing or kendo classes, or even be trained by a Shaolin Warrior Monk like I was. You will gain the skills, and the wisdom of what it takes, and how to use the weapon successfully if you train hard. But you will still know absolutely nothing until you take that sword, and use it against another human being in order to actually kill them, and see their blood spilled before you, and see thousands of dead bodies laid out on the battlefield.

You don't want to live through that. You don't want to experience it. Leave it alone. Love your fellow man. Respect their opinions, even if they differ from yours. Have mercy on those that sin against you and forgive them. Nobody is innocent from committing a sin. We are all sinners and guilty of some kind of harm upon another person. But even through what we do, can we learn from it and say, "I need to change," and then actually take the steps to change our personalities, beliefs and actions?

No government, society or individual is perfect. We all have our flaws. But if we recognize that fact, and decide to do what is right, and love one another, we will have peace. It's not about changing the religion of another culture to adapt to a religion that is perceived as better by its members. It's OK to either believe in whatever god or god-less ideal you have that helps you live your life the way you think is best. But for the sake of humanity, be kind and love one another, so that war can end. Then terrorism will end. Then poverty and starvation will end. Then we will have world peace. I believe that it is possible, but we as a people, the Human race, ALL OF US must change. With love, anything is possible. But we have to CHOOSE TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
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Sep 15, 2012