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I just clicked on the not me...

My spouse sure isn't being faithful (by rejecting and neglecting me sexually) so she doesn't deserve faithfulness from me.

I would be faithful (a one woman man), but she is not interested so what's the point.
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4 Responses Oct 22, 2007

not going to said anything that may hurt you or her ! you need to sit down and talk this out between the both of you see where thing are going maybe you can work this out or may you get a divorce and get on with your life and she need to do the same,

I was for many, many years-24 to be exact-then my eyes were opened (widely I might add!) and I felt guilt initially but not anymore-that was 5 years ago-I also felt like a desireable woman for the very first time in my life--at 45 mind you! Now life is day to day with DH but I'm loving my life on my own....absolutely LOVING IT!!! I was rejected for years-broke my spirit for a while-raised the family-now I'm enjoying and growing myself!

Exactly CS.

That's my sentiment too - that my wife essentially broke the marriage by putting me out of the marital bedroom and cutting off sex and emotional support. Spending the paycheck was ok though.<br />
<br />
But when she busted me having an affair - it was ONLY my fault.