5 Years Gone

I have been dating this man and friends with this man on and off for close to 5 years. We have been through it all, but no matter what always became friends again! Recently we started dating again and things seemed serious! I really wanted to be with him... we were talking about going on vacation together to St. Maarten.. I brought the issue up to him and he brushed me off getting mad at me that I did not talk to him in person! From there he becmae more and more distant with me until this past weekend! It was my birthday and my Master's  Degree Graduation! He made plans to come out wih me and to take me out... He never called, never showed, never wished me a happy birthday nothing! When I tried talking to him he ignored me, as if I had no importance to him!

I have no room for disappointment and since he decided to play me for a fool, im over it! Once u walk out my door, there's no room to come back!
Queen2be Queen2be
22-25, F
May 21, 2012