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Thank you for reading my story. I am a married man my wife is also on ep listed as JosesBabyGirl. I am an ER Nurse and amy is a medical office manager. We are a strict HoH family. We strive to live in accord with Eph. 5:21-25. We are raising 2 daughters who grew up being spanked for acts of disobedience and disrespect.

My wife is without a questions a good obedient submissive wife and as you can see from my experiences she is corrected with firm corporal punishment as needed. She tries her best and does very well but as is human nature she at times speaks (or acts) before thinking. I work hard to correct her bad behavior in sometimes extremely firm manners. Our relationship is close and loving.

amy trusts me completely, loves me intensely, and finds her security and safety in my guidance. She offers her devotion, respect, loyalty and obedience willingly and graciously. I for my part work to earn her loyalty obedience and respect by assigning her honor, respect, dignity, and loving her as Christ loves the Church.

Our children are aware that Mom is also spanked and understand that this is how we live no questions asked. However, they also understand that Mom has complete authority over them as well. They must obey and respect her as they do me. They are punished by her just as they are punished by me. And it is the ultimate act of disrespect to play one of us against the other or attempt to get a favorable answer to a request from one of us when the other has already said no. These bring the most sever punishments.

Our family is close and loving because of the way our home is run. Tell me more about your relationship and family and please feel free to ask me anything. Thanks again for adding me :-)
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Good for you brother, stay strong. Let us know of you need anything. Hopefully your daughters will learn to carry on the lifestyle into their marriages. Peace and love-

I'm just so heartbroken over hearing about all these DD relationships, like I'm glad you all are a loving family and close and efficient but.. I just don't understand how this empowers your wife to be the beautiful, amazing creation that she is.

From what you describe you both sound like a loving couple but what If you mess up or make a mistake.... Who spanks you?
With all due respect sir, i geniunely don't see the fairness in the relationship.
The whole equally-yolked, she is strong where you are weak and vice versa ?
As Christians we all know what love is from 1corienthians and God is love & Jesus ...and I feel like a deep, meaningful, understanding, positive, peaceful, nonphysical conversation over our natural Womanly horomones is gentler & kinder on our warm, beautiful, nurturing bodies than, again, physical punishment.

So I just like to know why you chose one method over the one I explained above or any other "seek to understand then to be understood" methods.

Do you like dd relationship

My daddy would never spank my mama.

your family sounds like mind but with my two daughers married an in CDD mrriage of there own .They know an was not hidden from them of there mother being punished same as they were,All the girls in the house were submissive women an obey an did as told.
My wife suffer much more of punishment over the years she was head strong attitue mouth disrespect did not obey an or submit

but she knows that when she does she is going to be punished but fights at times but in the end submit her bare bottom for her punishment

How old were kids when they realize there mom was spanking. I am in Hoh marriage, I have been married for 9 years. We have 3 children.

Well I think we fooled ourselves into thinking they only found out recently but the reality is I think they have almost always known. We were so nervous about them knowing but they just accepted it as part of our family dynamic. Kids are smarter than we think. It was important to make sure they could see there was no abuse going on.

that is ture my wife sat an explain about her punishments that she gets like they do when they are naughty she wanted them t oknow so they not upset if they hear or see marks

I think my oldies may know, she is so young but I think she has an idea. They refer to it as mommy is in trouble with Daddy. So one day she said what happens when mommy get in trouble with daddy. Of course I made up answer nothing it makes daddy sad then she said what happens I said nothing but I don't like to make daddy sad. This is my 11 year old so I think she knows something.

Oh sweety we found out that by the time they are asking "what happens when mommy gets in trouble" They already know all to well what happens. We were so scared of them finding out but when it was clear they knew we found out it was no big deal. They just needed to know that this was consensual, mommy was safe, and there was no abuse happening. A simple conversation helped with all that. My oldest simply shrugged and said "Oh yeah I know, So?" My youngest was a little confused mostly because she would always say "I can't wait til I'm all grown up so I don't get spanked anymore" and now she saw that's not necessarily the case. But she soon came around lol. It is so much better when they know because keeping it a secret is a full time job.

it is very important that children know that there mommy gets spank for punishment just as they do,they have to understand it is routine for it to happen and that mommy agrees with it total while chilrden dont agree getting spank them self they know it has to be done where mommy agrees to it

Yes very true the secret is hard. Thinking able sitting down with all the kids and explaining. The last thing I would want is the kids to think daddy is abusing mommy cause that's not the case. Spoke with the husband about it, he say's we should have done that a year ago, explaining discipline to the kids. He thinks it will give them another positive outlook on life. Also one rule I ask a long time ago was no spanking if kids were up and in house cause they might hear but after talk I guess I will not be able to get out of spankings. Thanks for your wisdom

My wife's reputation is perfectly intact, but thank you. My daughter's understand that Mommy is submissive to Dad and this is how our family works. They ALSO understand that they are submissive to their parents and disrespecting or disobeying either me or mom will cost them. Headship is something that is well explained and understood in our household and there is NO disgrace or reduction in reputation associated with submission. We live by the words of 1 Corinthians 11:3--"But I would have you know, that the Head of every man is Christ; and the Head of the woman is the man; and the Head of Christ is God."
If Christ can have a Head over him with No loss of reputation, authority, power, or respect then surely mommy can submit to Dad with no loss of reputation. They understand that they must be submissive to Mom and they accept punishment at her hands just as if it were from me. Yes they understand that I am the Head of the Whole Family but they also must submit to mommy. They also know that any attempts to down play mommy's authority will not end well for them.

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