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Allegia Allegia
41-45, F
14 Responses Jan 27, 2010

Something single Christian women do, to find some fulfillment, is to engage in a lot of foreplay or heavy oral.

She & her man agree that penetration won't occur, but engage in everything else.

The woman caresses his hardness & he fingers her, probing her every depth & giving her all these fulfilling sensations.

While he "explores" her, she fantasizes what it would be like to have him conquer her, so she must watch her thoughts.

To "reward" him for not pressuring to penetrate her, the innocent Christian woman goes down on him & gives him all those wonderful feelings to & she doesn't deprive him by not swallowing.

The feelings are so great that she lets him mount her, but still, he "promises" not to enter.

As he rubs up against her, this also gives her tremendous feelings & he will often ********* all over her tummy & vagina area, & both will long for more.

A Christian couple can get some limited satisfaction this way, but if a woman's dating a nonChristian, she better be careful.

The Christian woman may think she can tame this nonChristian "bad boy" but engaging in "everything....but" activity can be dangerous, particularly for non-virgin but chaste women who've tasted the pleasures of sex but were trying to wait until marriage.

Though he "promised" not to enter her very wet womanhood, which he sucked on for a long time & gave her delight after delight, she shouldn't be "surprised" when he attempts to work it in.

It's a dangerous stage, going that far & putting herself in such a compromising situation with a nonbeliever, who may not have her best interests or morality in mind.

He doesn't share her religious convictions, after all, & has likely been with many other women, some of whom he robbed of their Christian innocence.

The Christian women he de-virginized remember for their rest of their lives his passionate thrusts & bursting of their hymens.

The feelings are so great that she doesn't try to block or stop him as he begins to slowly slide it in.
To be honest, she finds she doesn't want him to stop.

It's a stunning image of the good Christian girl so easily surrendering to her man's carnal desires & giving him Sister in Christ treasure.
Her abdomen moves in a seductive manner as her hips match her man's carnal thrusts & she seems to "put aside" her godly Christian principles for the pleasurable feelings she's long craved.

Soon, she shakes her hips wildly to his carnal rthymns. She doesn't appear to be acting so "Christian" toward him but she doesn't really care. All she wants is his p*nis in her loving womanhood, which is being satisfied to the hilt through his unrestrained passion.

All her pent-up passion of years of waiting & being a "good girl," she releases with him as he gives her the experience of a lifetime.

She doesn't think about her faith, convictions or morality as his impressive manhood pushes into her & goes where no man has ever gone.

She holds him tighter, showing him her "approval" of his taking her & she can't get enough of his passionate thrusts.
She realizes this is what men will expect from her.

These innocent Christian women sometimes think of God as they feel their men filling their "innocent" p*ssies with their godless, spermy come, but by then, it's too late as she's given herself to him & he will expect more intimate moments.

Telling, the woman chooses to give HIM -- the pagan fornicator -- her Christian innocence & allow his godless manhood to be be the first to "break her in..." not the Christian man she may later marry.

The innocent Christian girl has become a woman & now must deal with the heavy feelings of guilt & remorse.

The passions can be strong.
The make-out session late @ night after the date goes too far.
Soon, she unbuttons her shirt so he can better access her impressive figure.

He unlocks her bra & her beauties pop-out in front him.
He kisses & sucks them and soon his hand goes south, caressing her womanhood from outside her clothes & eventually, she doesn't try to stop him as he moves his fingers deep into her, detecting her wetness & seeming desire for him to enter & conquer her.

He removes his clothing & she's impressed by his massive member.
She caresses it & eventually, kisses it & next thing you know, puts it in her mouth & takes his thrusts.

Eventually, he helps her remove her panties, exposing her innocence to him in all its beauty.
@ this stage, she informs him how she's a "good Christian girl" who doesn't believe in that kind of thing before marriage.

Still, they lay naked next to each other & engage in much mutual caressing & oral.
She finds she likes the taste of him.

She likes the intimacy but wasn't "planning" to lose her Christian virginity this way, so when he prepares to mount her, she protects her Christian innocence with her hands, directing him away from her opening & makes him "promise" to keep it outside her very aroused womanhood.

He mounts her & positions himself up against her labia. He rubs it up & down her lips & doesn't enter (yet).
This teases or torments her & he hears her moan.

Some of his precum oozes out onto her pubic hair.
They kiss passionately during the "everything...but" lovemaking.

Without warning her, he begins to move it into her.
As the passionate new feelings has overtaken her, she doesn't try to stop him as he slowly slides it in.

To be honest, she doesn't want to stop him.

She, the devout Christian woman, wants to experience more of those new feelings that she, @23, has long denied herself.

She closes her eyes as his forehead touches her hymen.
With one short and carnal (but loving) thrust, her Christian innocence will be forever gone.

After she gets over the initial sting and discomfort, he picks up the pace and begins to enter her sweet *****, going in and out and pushing deeper.

She does think of her faith and he lifelong teachings about waiting until marriage, and she truly wanted to be this innocent Christian virgin on her wedding night, but finds she enjoys the feelings too much.

So she "puts aside" her morality, at least for the night, & enjoys the lovemaking and her boyfriend "introducing" her to the world of dating and sex.

Soon, she feels him spasming and he grunts as he fills her sweet Christian womanhood with his potent fluids, which "seals" their love.

In a matter of moments, the innocent Christian girl unexpectantly loses her Christian innocence.
And discovers what real life is like.

Yeah, I imagine those married Christian couples had LOTS of sex before they walked the aisle.

A story I wrote details a married couple's passionate lovemaking.

To heat-up their bedroom a little, they re-enact what they did before they married, the "almost" sex they had, which included lots of oral and "everything... but."

They were Christians and she wanted to remain "innocent" until the wedding night.

The story will "flash back" to that earlier time when she was an "innocent" Christian virgin.

Will include lots of foreplay as a married couple & flash back to the time they caressed and engaged in mutual oral, doing EVERYTHING but him entering.

She so vividly remembers seeing his impressive manhood close-up, about to enter her mouth. She tastes some of his precum.
When he ate her, he remembers seeing a cross tattoo just above her bushiness.

Occasionally, his juices would spatter on her pubic hair

As he's about to mount her and enter his loving Christian wife, he remembers how he positioned himself in the same position, and so wanted to enter her then, before they married.

In the re-enactment, she will have that "terrified" virgin look on her face as he approaches her... He gauges her look to see if she'd let him proceed... His member remains "at attention" and she temporarily forgets their pledge to remain abstinent until after the promise to spend their lives together in Christian marriage.

They don't make love before getting married but were very passionate just the same. He ate and sucked her "innocent" vagina and shot his juices into her mouth.

Surprisingly, he kept his member out of her and she lost much of her Christian innocence feeling his hard, carnal thrusts when he rubbed up against her labia lips One time, she almost moved it in when his forehead entered her in a slight way but it didn't go in deep enough to burst her hymen.

There the two lovers were: he almost fully in and she remaining still, knowing what could happen next would forever change their lives.

If she was with a nonbeliever, he wouldn't have paused and would likely began to slowly slide it in.
She, the ever obedient Christian woman, wouldn't stop him and despite her earlier verbal protests, to be honest, didn't want to.

She would look at him with her loving eyes as he was there inside her, but only in her entryway.... They knew this would be a pivotal movement in their relationship.
If he pushed it forward even a milli-inch and touched her hymen, he could burst it and forever taken her Christian virginity.

In an "alternate ending," she raises her abdomen which makes him move forward and burst her hymen. He sinks deeper and after the pain subsides, the two make love like crazy, now that she's given him her innocence.

The two enjoy making love even more throughout the night and on other dates. It was much easier once the guilt was removed..

They don't tell anyone they made love and continue their mutual involvement in their church activities.

In the original ending, he doesn't push it deeper and really respects her Christian morality and is glad she's "saving herself" for marriage.
He pulls out but carnally thrusts up against her vaginal lips and shoots his *** all over her, so he gets his relief.

She understands he's a man, though a Christian, and as they lay in the afterglow, she caresses him, which helps bring him back and they both engage in more oral before he makes another entrance.
They imagine what it would be like once they get to "officially" make love.

After re-enacting that, the two, now married, make love like crazy that night...

Sounds like a hot site, Allegia. Hot Christian married sex. Am sure the sex the couples have is a continuation or extension of what they did before they married, he he.

Want to IM you about the site, a story suggestion I have.
My IM's to you aren't going through.

Can you send me a private message?

neither site appears to be up anymore.

Hello, Allegia. I've just visited the site, and I'd like to make a suggestion. Perhaps you could add a forum where readers and authors can exchange ideas, develop storylines, offer feedback, discuss acceptable content etc. I'm not trying to be critical, as I like the concept behind your site, but I think it might benefit by promoting a more community-based atmosphere.

I loved checking out your website. We started a website that celebrate hot monogamy. Check out www.marriageheat.com

What to submit stories for a free marriage sex site that promotes hot monogamy, check out www.marriageheat.com

Is the Christian Erptica site for couples only? I am married but would not expect my wife to be interested.

Thank You. Please give me honest feedback when you can. I want the stories to improve as I go.

Thanks for joining the growing list of authors publishing at our site www.christian-erotic.com. Our readers are enjoying your stories!

I really enjoy the stories at Allegia and have posted two. Number three should be in by this afteronn. I just meant it took me a while to figure out how. I am techincally impaired in some areas.<br />
I like the editing touches June has made.

If you mean transfer our stories to this site, no. I think the lovley site presentation would be lost at this site, and it would be less effective. Please go to www.allegiaprose.com or www.christian-erotica.com. It's free and you can use a fake name and email.

Great site, what erotica should be. Can you tranfer stories written here to the main page?