Playin With The Boys Part 1

The other day me and my nineteen year old nefew Brent was on our way back from havin supper at mom and dads and he was driving cause i had a few drinks and askin him if he wanted to have a few drinks later i got him to stop and i picked up some oj for mixer since i was house sitting for mi sister i needed not buy booze cause she had lots in her cabnets.

Giggling as we got close to home i said, The other day Brent u said I would have no problem finding a hard young stud to butt **** me what did u mean,Why would u say no problem?
Well Brent said laughing, Ur nice looking and fun to be around plus u have a good set and a nice behind.
My friend Jason said that u was a Milf.
A what? I said laughin.

A Milf,Jason said, A mom id love to ****. Dont u know what that means?
No i didnt,I said,And well Jason is not much of a ladies man Brent.
What about u? Your a nice lookin kid u must get laid alot unless ur like my ex and u have a little ******.

Pullin up to the house Brent said, Im not a Kid,And mines not little.
Laughing I went inthe house behind him and finding the house cool i turned the heat up full blast and mixed up a pitcher of Oj and vodka real strong and gave one to him and said, I was just jokin cause ur mom said she seen u come out of the pool along time ago having lost ur swim trunks and she said u looked small but laughed cause she knew it was from the cold water.
Red faced Brent said, Im not small at all,The girls that i cam with tell me im real big.
Do u want me to show it to u?
Its nine inches long.

Giglin i said, No i dont want to see it but ur right nine inches is huge.
Finishing his drink and pourin another he said, Im going to take a shower.
I said, Dont use all the hot water i want to have a bath after ur done.

Hearing the phone i looked at the clock seein it was six and knew it was my sister callin as this was the time she always called.
After she told me about things she was doing she asked how i was gettin along with Brent?
Laughing i said that i joked with him about her seeing his small ****** coming out of the pool and that he had just informed me he had nine inches and offered to show it to me as proof.

Breakin out laughing she said,I doubt he is that big cause his dad sure is not. Sounds like he is just braggin.
U should call his bluff and tell him to prove it.
I said, I cant do that,he is my nefew(.But secretly i really was interested in seeing it.)

We talked alittle more than i hung up and had another drink and was feeling real good and buzzed and also very naughty.
Brent came into the kitchen with wet hair wearin a tee shirt and a pair of gray cotton shorts with a joint in his hand and lit it offering it to me.
I took one puff coughed then took acouple more and gave it back to him and said,Ive been thinkin that if ur that long u could be a **** star.
Laughing he said, That would be great .
I could not stop laughing and said, Im gonna take a bath.
Then lookin back i said, Nine inches,I doubt i could handle one that big in any of my three holes .

The weed made my buzz alot stronger and i kept laughin and seein visions of a long **** flopping in my face but after a half hour the big buzz faded and I got out and put on white lace panties and bra and the shear almost see through nightie and came out to the kitchen and seeing Brent in the livin room and took my lap top and sat in a chair facing him beside the Tv.
Sitting sideways i hitched up so that the robe was over my hip so he could see my whole leg and side of my buttock and could see him looking out of the corner of my eye.
When he moved a pillow onto his lap i knew he must be getting hard so gettin up i got a bottle of lotion and sat in the kitchen and said, Brent my shoulders feel dry could u rub some lotion on them for me?
He came out and said ok.
Sitting backwards in a kitchen chair I lowerd my robe from my shoulders and standing behind me he began rubbin it on.
Takin the bra straps down off my shoulders I got him to undo the back and sat holding just the cups over my breasts letting the robe drop to half way down my back.
While he rubbed i started moaning saying how good his hands felt on my skin then asked if he would hand me the smokes and lighter.
He had to walk infront of me and he could not hide the fact that he was hard as hell in the cotten shorts.
Finishin the smoke i thanked him then dropped the bra to the floor and pulled the shear robe back on and could see that it only covered my rock hard nips that was pokin out of the thin materal and felt a burnin hotness between my legs as i got so wet i almost orgasmed knowing what he was seeing.

Mixin us both a drink I set one on the table infront of him then sitting down facin him I put a leg up on the table and rubbed lotion from my feet to the very edges of my ***** and could see hot wet and transpartent my whit lace panties had become then looked up seeing him lookin right at it i said,Did u and ur Gf have sex alot?
Stumblin over his words he said, Not really cause it hurt her i guess.
Mabey it did hurt her i said, Nine is real big.
If u want I will look at it and tell u honestly if i think she was tellin u the truth.

I could tell by the look he gave me he was getin upset but wanted to know the truth then he said,Ok, but dont ever tell anyone ok.
He seemed soooo insecure right then I knew I was gonna make him feel good about it even if i had to lie to him and said, I promise and to seal the deal ill open my robe and let u see my boobs if u want.
His smirk told me he was playin this and said, Ok but im kinda nervouse.
Right then somethin came over me and i said,Brent im sorry but I cant look right now it just seems not right,
Before he could answer the phone rang and he answered it then said, Jason is fightin with his parents again and mom always lets him stay a few days with us when that happens.
I said, Ok tell him to come over.

That night I got pretty drunk and fell asleep in the couch but woke at three and went into my bed and could hear Brent and Jason taling and laughing.
Not being able to sleep i fingered myself to the edge of ****** then got up puttin on my robe knocked on his door and said, Brent can u come into my room so we can talk for a few minutes?
Him and Jason was both in there underwear with no shirts on and both had big lumps and i knew the was hard cause i could see a woman on the computer naked fingering herself that they must have been cammin with.
Brent came into my room and I said, Ive been thinkin about u and Jason and I was wondering if u two was going to be here tomorrow night?
I guess we will be,Brent said ,Why?
I said, I wanted to have a few drinks with u two and have some fun cause im getting bored of being here.
What kind of fun? Brent asked.
Givin him a naughty look i said,I cannot say for sure what ill want to do but between us three im sure we will come up with something and u did tell me that im a milf so mabey we can talk about that.
Sounds fun, Brent said, Jason hates going out and Im not into it much either even tho mom ******* that i need to get another girl and a job.

After he left I fingered myself to a great ****** thinkin about suckin both of there *****.

I over slept and never got out of bed till noon and after a coffee dressed and went out shopping and to pick up a couple cases of beer for us.
Id been feelin giggly all day wondering what i was gonna do with them tonight if anything but i was feelin real naughty and wanted to see if Brent was tellin the truth or not about his size because ive never seen or touched one like that.
Coming into the house and seeing it was close to four i walked to the boys door and could hear snoring so i pushed the door open wide and there was Jason sound asleep on a matrass on the floor with a blanket pulled over his chest and stomach.
His lower body was naked and uncovered so smiling i looked at his soft fat **** and big balls for a few minutes knowin he would be big hard.
Then rappin my knuckles on the door i said, Comon get up its four in the afternoon.
Jason covered him and Brent sat up and said, Ok Im up.
Ok i said,U two shower up and ill cook u breakfast.

An hour later they was showered and done eating and I opened a beer for us all and in the time it took me to have a smoke they was both on there second beer and Brent said, These are going down good, I hope we have lots?
We have plenty for us all plus shooters so I guess we willl all be drunk,I said laughing and lightin another smoke.
What was u two doin so late last night i asked,Jason said, Cammin with some hot girls.
Was they naked,I asked.
Yah Brent said,And doing thereselfs.
Was u two nude also,?
Sure, Jason said, u have to be.
Thats hot i said,As i got another beer and took two shots then said, Im gonna have a bath.
After shavin my legs and puss I put on a new paip of hot pink lace undies and bra then put on a short
white shear see through nightie that just covered my buttoocks and a small pair of white anckle socks and walked out into the kitchen seeing them both lookin me up and down then toss down a shot each before Brent said,Aunt Hellen u are real hot lookin tonight,Right Jason.
Jason could not look me in the face and his was red when he said, I guess so Brent but she is ur Aunt and im not sure we should be looking or talking about her like that.

I laughed lit a smoke and said, Jason its ok I like hearing that im still attractive plus this morning when i woke u two up I seen ur stuff Jason and i can honestly tell u that no woman would ever complain having u in there bed.Ur a nice lookin guy with a very nice tool.

Really he said, perkin up,Would a woman like ur age be happy havin sex with one like mine?
Its not the size, Jason ,Its how u use it or what u do before.
Do u two give oral before sex to ur GFS?

They both paused then Brent said, Ive tried on two girls but i was really confused on how to do it right.
And Jasons kinda shy and has never gone down on a girl but has ha d sex so he says.

Gigglin I said, ur both still kids in the sex department but i might give some pointers.
So when ur both naked at night have u ever touched each other?
Jasons face turned red and Brent said, Only jerkin each other.
Lickin my lips i said, Thats like a big turn on and id luv to see that.
Seeing head light i looked out the window and seen it was next door gettin a pizza delivered by a good lookin guy and an idea popped into my head and pointing next door said, Who is that.
They both looked and said, Thats Will the next guy we all say that is gonna come out of the closet right after he graduates.
How old is he I asked and wh do u think he is gay?
Jason said, U need to meet him then u would know.

Smiling I said, I like cold pizza in the mornings .
So do u two wanna make a bet?

They sounded both half drunk and both said Sure.
Ok, I said, this is the deal, If i order a pizza and when Will gets here ill try to suck his **** and if he lets me i want to watch both of u get nude and jerk each other off then stay naked the rest of the night.

Theylaughed and said, What if he dont let u?
I had not thought of that but gigglin said, If he wont let me ill suck both ur *****.

Call for a pizza Jason said, Its a deal!
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Jan 6, 2013