I Love Christmas

I put up my tree on December 1st. I take it down before the new year, it's a family tradition. It is supposed to be bad luck to leave your Christmas tree up too long.
I live where it is desert, so fake trees are the norm. I hate that part of living here, but I am allergic to pine. In some ways having a fake tree is nice for me, no stinging pains in my arms during decorating.
I love to decorate my tree. I usually buy at least one new decoration each year. Last year I bought a lot of new decorations. I decided to start decorating with pink ornaments last year. I have always used red as my main color.
Now having a pink ornaments is different. Tthe colors are more subtle. There is no brightness to my tree. I do have some dark pink ornaments but mostly they are all soft colors.
I may go get some of those clear glass ornaments that you can paint the inside. That way I can choose the shade of pink I want. I have some ornaments that are a fusha (sp?) color and I want more of a cotton candy pink color. I have that color of paint so I know that is the color want.
I have been decorating my home today. There is my santa collection, my snowman collection and my tree collection. I have some bears and dolls too. Last year i added a house to my collection. This year I made one for myself. It is cute a slightly pink color with a bring pink roof with pink glitter. I LOVE glitter.
I only have a few gifts to buy this year. I find as I get older the fewer gifts I am required to buy. I like that. I prefer to make gifts. It seems more personal. I will be making the special someone in my life some gifts. I haven't decided what I will make yet. She doesn't have a lot and she doesn't like money spent on her. She has no money to buy me any gifts so she has asked that I make gifts for her.
I will have to come up with some ideas fast. I need to start crafting soon.
Did you notice i love to make things too?
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Dec 2, 2012