Left Renal Vein Thrombosis And The Agonizing Pain!

I had been waiting since 2010 to find out why exactly I kept having left back pain. I knew something was wrong, when I fell on the treadmill by fluke they found while looking for something wrong with my spleen, that there was a weird growth on my left ureter.
I started to see a Urologist whom then would put a stent in to go up and look and take biopsy, nothing came back as cancerous thank goodness! Well the Urologist started talking about it being more female related to Endometriosis and sent me to a Nephrologist just to check out my kidney. I saw an Endometrial Specialist in 2012 and she did surgery July 26th,2012, I thought this would get rid of the pain for good. I was now convinced this was what it was!
She found a little microscopic by my bladder but nowhere else, not even scar tissue. She ruled out Endometriosis. I went back to the Urologist and he told me to to get a second opinion on her. I being fed up with his horrible bedside manner at times, and waiving me off because of being 30 and not 60 coming to him, I had it!
Worse enough eventhough the Nephrologist ordered an MRI he then didn't even study it. So feeling ignored and aggravated, I sought out a new Urologist! Finally! I found somebody who when I was hospitalized over Thanksgiving Weekend in 2012, came in on Sunday and did a Cystoscopy and placed a stent. When he did get the MRI images. He then had an answer for me when I went to his office. I had a blood clot that had stopped the blood flow from the Renal Vein to the Kidney. He said the Chronic Pain I was experiencing was due to the blood flow being slowed down by the Collateral veins. The only way to get rid of the pain would be to remove the left Kidney. Both him and I didn't want that.

I am now on my quest for pain management and to get my life back after almost three years of guessing.

eternalflame30 eternalflame30
26-30, F
Dec 6, 2012