True Love

My heart had been beaten down so many times, I felt as if the hole it grew would turn cynicism on me because I was delicate and frail. Yet no matter how many storms I had to prevail through; I still believed there was somebody out there for me.
It came to me after my engagement ended and I felt loneliness was all I had for a long lasting friendship. It was nine months since the horrible break-up with my ex-Fiance. I didn't need anybody and I didn't want anybody to want me.
I went to the library and sat in the study hall at the local Community College Library. I was taking a decidedly long break from working at my Office Assistant studies. I noticed him, diligently flipping through the math book on the desk near the Computer where he would then input information of some sort.
He was handsome, with his blonde hair and glasses, I didn't get a good look at his eye color but I assumed blue. I was close enough to him, to notice that he seemed pr-occupied with his homework, and looked ever so studious.
I decided I couldn't just stare at him for hours;I had to do something, before he got up and left. I noticed I had two Options, one to go out the double sliding doors that led to the outside. Or two: To be brave set shyness aside and not care if I come across forward.
I decided on option number 2!
I subtly went over to him and sat down next to him first asking if the seat was taken. He must have thought I was a bit odd as though the seat had no computer and I had no backpack to at least look as if I was studying.
Finally I cleared my throat and introduced myself and he stopped suddenly what he was doing as our eyes caught for just a brief moment. We talked for an hour and he asked me out on a date at the end of the hour.

Now I never believed in love at first sight. Yet I knew that this would be the man I would spend eternity with. And for the past eight years, it's nothing in eternal time but it is enough time to know my intuition was right about him and cynicism was defeated! I found true love!
eternalflame30 eternalflame30
26-30, F
Dec 10, 2012