Chronic Pain And Depression

I just want people to know that chronic pain and depression go hand in hand and if you are in this situation please don't emotionally beat yourself up like I did! I thought that I was crazy for being depressed but to be honest it's very hard for the body to produce ceratonin when the body is in pain. I just wish other people would take this into consideration when dealing with people in pain, but for some reason they don't and even my doctor was abusive to me for asking for hep with remembering my appointments, the receptionist gossiped about me and made out I was complaining when all I wanted was help and so the doctor struck me off his register for defending myself. I have proof in his letter that he is over exagerating the situation cause he said I slammed down the phone, but he rang me on my mobile and it's impossible to slam the phone down on someone with a mobile phone!!!!

Anyway just please remember not to judge someone in pain if they are grumpy! PLEASE!!!!!!

Anandadas Anandadas
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 20, 2010

i UNDERSTAND. my husband was a chronic pain sufferer and the doctors treated him like **** and said he was a drug addict when he wasnt. (he didnt even drink alcohol). my advice to you, if its possible is to try, and keep trying to find a doctor who will be on your side. there are some. if you can find one that will make a lot of difference in your treatment. there are also pain clincs where some people have found help. i wish i could offer you more. i am an advocate for chronic pain patients and ive sent a lot of letters and im going to do another one since i read your story., in the very near future there will be many more people suffering pain and the medical system is going to have to change their ways of handling it. people should have more say over their own bodies and be able to use what they need for relief. i will pray for you.l