My Trip On Delsym..

so me and three other friends geoff, salina, and brittney all chugged a large bottle of Delsym and we reallllly started feeling it when we got at brittneys house and we had to act straight in front of her parents and we were all sitting in britneys room and i laid on her bed and i felt like i couldnt even move to get up so i just laid there, and then it really started to kick in.. i started staring at her huge picture of marilyn monroe it was a pic of her made out of words and i tried reading them but the words were soooooooo hard to read it was making my eyes literly hurt and everytime i tried looking at one word the word itself expanded and became blurry and i was like ohh shitt i cant even read tht its trippin me out! and right then is where i noticed my eyes felt like they couldnt shut and like they were bulging outta my head, and salena asked me "omg Renee your eyes are sooo wide!? and your pupils are so little!!!! and i checked hers and hers were too!! britney said omggg im trippin ballz!! and we all repeted that same thing and agreed we were all trippin pretty hard so we decided it be better not to be in the house where her parents were at so we all left and continued walkin down the street. while i was walking i had a thin jacket on and it was 50 degrees outside but i felt soooo warm i didnt even notice how cold it really was. and it felt like my legs were on auto pilot as if i was walking automaticly i couldnt even figure out how my leggs were moving! all of a sudden we found a hop scotch pattern on the ground and we all attempted to play but we could barley even figure out how to jump right so we said lets jus keep moving. and we all kept walking which by the way walking is not funn, it make you feel sick to your stomach and we got all the way to mcdonalds, and we all sat down. i laid my head down and my head was rolling back and forth on the table and tht moment i zoned out into my own world and was thinking about how the world turns and so was my head lol and i jus started getting destracted by every little crumb on the table. (btw my eyes are still bulgging outta my head xD.) then salena decided we have hair dye and she wanted to dye geoffs hair half blonde!! and geoff said okk and we dyed it right there in mcdonalds!! we were in the back so no one saw!! then we were all still sitting...and thats when i started feeling verrry sick.. i slowly got up and walked to the bathroom, i leaned over the sink and started gaging nothing came out though.. i came back out and geoff was in the bathroom i asked salena how was geoff doing and she said he felt sick so i was like oh damn i gotta help him so i walked in there and he was tryna wash the bleech out and he asked if i could help so i did and after that we walked out of the bathroom and salena was outside and i started to feel sick agian.. i walked outside and salena was on the ground ready to puke and i couldnt stand it anymore i started puking.. after i was done brittneys mom pulls up and picks her and salena up and geoff also had to go home so i had to walk.. i was ready to cross the walkway and i get out into the first lane i thought no cars were coming but jus then a car blew his horn and i quickly jumped back!!! i was sooo close to getting hit after i made it my dad picked me up off the side of the road cuz he seen me walking and he was comming home from the store, i got in and said hi, he said hey whats up i was tryin to be as straight as possible and jus said not much i ate some nuggets at mcdonalds and i dont feel good and i have...cramps. and he jus said ohh ok and i said when i get home im jus gona go to sleep he said ok thank gawd he didnt think anything was up. so i went straight to my room and laid down i turned on my ipod trippin to the music and vibing for the rest of the night. from there it was a good trip and i felt allright and i went to sleep, but when i woke up i still felt it but jus slightly. im not gona lie im prolly doin it agian!! xDD
intenseXxXxX intenseXxXxX
Dec 10, 2012