Where Do I Begin?

If I could only tell you all the stories that me and cough medicine have had. It'd been a long journey. I honestly think that if I never chugged cough medicine in my life, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I'll tell a specific story that always stays in mind though.


Me and a friend of mine had just chugged some cough medicine so we decide to go to the park. At the time, I was playing pokemon everyday so when it started to kick in, all I could hear was Pokemon music. We couldn't find the park, being well ****** up so we were wandering around aimlesley. My friend started puking in these random people's yard and the people across the street came out and asked what was wrong. Allie turned to them, bug eyes and abruptly said "heat stroke!" I ran into two of my friends and I remember sitting down in front of them and singing the pokemon theme song and then asked where the peacocks were(there's random peacocks in my neighborhood near the park) and so they pointed us in the direction and on we went. When we found them, my friend decided it would be a good idea to chase them. I, on the other hand could hardly walk and so I sat down. All was quiet and she rounded a corner and I felt like I was abandoned in a desert. I remember calling "Allie?" "Allie?" and then I saw her walking around the corner, maybe running, I don't know. She was moving in frames. Then I saw a tall guy and I said I think I know him so I ran up to him and asked if his name was Brad. It was not. So he walked back over with me and I slouched by someone's house as him and Allie were talking. Everything whited out around me. There was no Allie. There was no tall guy. It was just me. Me and the peacock. I had gotten peacocks confused with pokemon and I was muttering to myself "Bulbisour, I choose you! Use vinewhip" and throwing fake pokeballs at the peacock. Then I snapped back. The guy and Allie were going to the park so I followed. I kept calling him the tour guide. Along the way, we sat down in some sprinklers. Then kept going. When we finally got to the park, the guy went home and me and allie saw and old guy sitting on the bench so I'm like hey an old guy. So we layed down in front of him and talked about everything. I kept getting up to look at the dun and wehnever I did this, Allie did this. I don't really remember too much after this what a day it was.

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I think it time to lay off the cough syrup before it warp's your mind.