I Dressed As "cinderella"

Recently the social club of the firm I work for had their Mid-Winter social function. It was a ''Fancy Dress'' theme.
My girl friend knows that I love to cross dress, (and is really supportive of "Julie"), and when I told her about the upcoming function, asked me if I was going as ''Julie''. I replied that I would really like to
I had thought that perhaps I could go dressed as a netball player........really short pleated skirt and a polo shirt over bra, panties and thigh high stockings held up with suspenders........(Quite sexy, I thought), and that she could go dressed as Richie McCaw, the All Black captain. I felt that this would sort of deflect the attention away from me going dressed as a female, as we would both be ''Cross Dressed''

My girl friend suggested that we should perhaps visit a fancy dress costume shop and then decide. While there we came up with the idea of me being ''Cinderella'', and she would be ''Prince Charming'' The lady who opeartes the shop was most helpful, and produced two costumes which we decided to use..

The big day finally arrived, and after dressing at home, we arrived at the function and made a grand entrance. There were lots of OOOOOHs and AAAAAAAAAAHs from those there, and many piccys taken, (I will post these on my profile soon).

We enjoyed our evening, and to cap it off, won the first prize in all 3 categories..........Best Dressed Male (ME), Best Dressed Female (Cathy), and Best Dressed Couple.
redbow25 redbow25
56-60, M
Aug 8, 2010