Fun With Friends:

I started circle ******* in my preteens,with a few of my friends from school every day,we used to meet at this creek that ran behind my house in the woods,my first experience was fabulous,my buddy started ******* me and then yanking on me,it felt great,we would have tug parties,where we would tie a cord around our dicks together,and then pull back,that was fun,when we got older we still met every weekend and beat each other off,using pumps and rings.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Sounds like a lot of fun you had! I have been in a few circle jerks..It IS great! Started with just me and a bud getting together after school to yank off, then we 'experimented' by tugging each other, then he invited a friend to join, he invited and so on til we had like 9 of us going at it! :)) Fun times! Could get messy at times tho..LOL