The Quick Circumcision

When we were skiing a couple of years ago, my wife did a double take as we walked through the group cafeteria in the lodge and looked after someone who was walking past us.

My daughter caught the movement and asked what was up. My wife kept starring after a man and his family who were headed toward the door, and said something quietly to my daughter, who also turned to look at someone.

When we sat and were about to eat, my wife got up to retrieve some ketchup packets, and I asked my daughter what had delayed them. She simply said that my wife had thought that she had recognized a voice as someone that she had once dated.

"Who?" I asked casually, and was told, "She said he might have been Dan."

Immediately I flashed on the few times that my wife had told me about dating Dan, before she had met me. I didn't recall all, but I do remember some of it vividly, because of when she told me and what we were doing at the time. I craned my neck around to see him, but he was gone, and there was no way for me to know which one he had been.

Dan and the woman who had become my wife were both students at a state university in the late 1970s, and the sexual revolution was in full swing. They had dated a while, and it had evidently developed into something sexual... petting and at least some pleasuring him toward climax. But I didn't know how often, or where or how long.... It was none of my business, and  I knew better than to pry.  I have read a lot of advice columns warning of this.

But once, after practicing giving me a hand job with Vaseline while in bed, my wife had alluded to the fact that she was so glad that I was circumcised. I asked why and she related that she had once circumcised a guy by accident.

I had to hear the whole story then, and she told me bits and pieces of it.  Most likely, she was embarrassed , not  very sexually experienced, and was learning what pleased a man, and how to avoid the risk of pregnancy, etc.  She wasn't very experienced yet, though confident with me.

It seems that Dan was not circumcised, but that he  had enjoyed her manipulating his ****. She had gotten into it, and was stimulating his glans by giving him what  I might best  describe as "Indian rope burns."

(For those who don't know, this is when two hands are side by side, gripping something round, like an arm, and the hands turn in opposite directions. The resulting torsion on the skin burns, and it can produce a welt. It was a kid's torture-move in the mid-60s, as I recall. I don't remember why it was called an Indian rope burn.  Might have had something to do with Davy Crockett or a western TV show.)

But she was pleasuring him by giving him some form of friction either on his foreskin or under it, sliding the skin around on the head or glans. He was enjoying it, and getting off on it, and didn't want her to stop. But at some point, they did stop and I imagine that she was concerned over the wetness that had appeared. Or maybe he had yelped. She said there was some fresh blood, and when they got to looking , his foreskin had torn.

"He tore his foreskin?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah, or else I did it," she admitted. "I thought he was enjoying it. But he didn't object up until then."

She described it as a flap of skin that was left dangling or hanging free.  I think he made his excuses and left in a hurry...maybe to go to the campus health clinic or something.

I'm not convinced just what happened, as there are many possibilities that this could have been. It's possible that she had just rubbed his glans raw and what she thought was dangling foreskin, might have been relaxed foreskin.
Or, it could have been that he had a "dorsal slit" earlier, and so his flap of skin might have been an already cut foreskin that had been irritated to raw condition.
Or, he could of had an attached foreskin, with a frenulum that was taught, and that she had ripped or torn it through vigorous pumping action. (Frankly, I favor this option, as an uncircumcised male with a taught foreskin can be extremely pleasurable, but also fraught with pain, or so I am told.)

The couple had never gotten together again after that.  Can you blame him?

This memory came rushing back to me, and I just wanted to get a good look at the guy that she had dated or screwed, or torn his foreskin while learning about sex.

I don't know what I would have said to him, but I'm sure it would NOT have been, "Hey, Dan,  Do you remember my wife? She tore your foreskin off, or so I'm told.  So how's it hanging these days??"
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I have heard many stories of guys having their frenulum torn by such rough play. The foreskin is made to stretch but some people have short frenulum's that tear or get it cut back for preventative measures.

Interesting story told in an entertaining way. Thanks for sharing!

Funny story. And a good point for getting babies clipped ASAP after birth...