Apart From The Erotic Aspect, It Is Hard To See...

There is always something slightly erotic in men's minds about a woman fiddling with their genitals. There is a whole erotic literature about male castrated at the request of their wives or former mistresses. There is also a whole erotic literature about women having their uncut lovers circumcised. Of course this relies largely on the fact that most men know how good female hands feel on their ***** and balls. Were they gay or bi, they would actually know how good men's hands can feel as well...I'd take a sensuous, experienced male lover over an inexperienced female any time. But for circumcision, since it involves cleaning the foreskin, clamping it, cutting it, and possibly suturing the skin on the shaft, what difference would it make if the foreskin's last moments as the clamp closes on it were in the presence of a man or a woman? if the scalpel trimming it off was handled by the gloved hands of someone with a slit or with a ****? No difference whatsoever. And particularly since it's mostly done on neonates...who couldn't care less what the circumciser is like!
Sekhmet96 Sekhmet96
61-65, M
Jan 23, 2013