Yeeaaa!!! We Won the Verdict

   Today I  proudly say and will shout it from the mountain tops that the Second Amendment says just what it has always said..That it is my right to Keep and Bare Arms...This means leave my handguns alone...Leave my Shot Guns alone, Leave my Hunting Rifles alone...

Remember  What I say...If you find  yourself stumbling into a knife fight...Always remember to bring your gun...It may just save your life one day...And you can mark the file of that scum bag rehabilitated.....Case closed...And save the taxpayers some money in the long run.

P.S. Go ahead Mayor Bloomberg and appeal it to the United Nations...They have No Say over What goes on in OUR COUNTRY!!!   If you do not like it...Then LEAVE... It was those guns that you do not want here that gave you the right to say such dumb things.   Remember all those that died for Your Rights...Today I Stand and Salute you

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Lets hope it stays this way!

Well said Bonnie I think I will...I think that the Simpson show is harmful to America.....How is that one?

You all make excellent points until the Simpsons were mentioned. They cause more harm to our young ones than guns do. We should start a group about banning the Simpsons and arming ourselves. LOL<br />
<br />

I support the right for bears to keep arms .<br />
oh well nevermind.<br />

Come on Sleepless I mean would you really want Homers finger being the omly thing between you and being a crispy critter....Wain in case of a melt down you would not even be that,,,Just a shadow on the side walk

I am glad that you were jokeing...I see to many people that watch that garbage everyday and tink that is intelegent T.V. have heard people talk like they are real people, and about what they have learned from the show...With people like that out there itis hard to see the jokes sometime. The self-defence handgun is to protect you from the guy that does not buy his handgun in a store...he gets his off of the dtreet. or when he steals one. So people if you own one that was dads, or your husbands or bought one to make you feel bettr after a robbery...make sure that you know where it is...make sure that you pick it up, or at least look at it every day or two...You may never know just who can get thrie hands on it, and if it does go missing it is better to know it sooner than later.

so i think we can agree on one thing sleepless: we are each living in the right country, for our sensibilities, are we not? <br />
<br />
p.s. thanks for getting the joke.

not a fan of the simpsons eh.. lol

That is very true...My father went to the Mountians of Utah for two week each year...Could not wait tell he brought the deer meat home, not to mention the different types of birds...We always ate what was killed...As far as someone being hurt I have known a few of them...But it was from people who knew nothing about guns trying to play with them...Always ...always...always think that a gun is loaded, until you your self know by checking and rechecking that it is unloaded<br />
<br />
And I worry about the people who try and get their knowlage about guns from Homer Simpson...That is a show that I never would allow my children to watch...It dumbs down of children and is an isult to our intelegence.

well, i do love guns, been around them since i can remember, they have many useful purposes other than kill people & things, just watch that simpsons episode when homer gets a gun and you'll see. anyway, i don't know anyone who has been hurt with a gun and have never hurt anyone. i am all for giving up my guns (for a better world) if everyone else does, and by everyone else i mean the govenrment, the cops, everyone. one thing i have noticed is that when someone is brought up around guns they tend to be more accepting/understanding of gunrights and those who are brought up where there are no guns around, tend to be less accepting/understanding of gunrights. i've noticed that the environment of your upbringing is what more times than not forms ones opinions on guns.

I will stand over you with mine so they can not even take it then Madison..

Sleepless I do not love my weapons...I respect them...You are right that weapons were designed for one thing...To kill...Not murder, but to kill...Guns do kill people, but not on their own...It takes a person to use a gun to commit murder...A 14 year old boy took a baseball bat to another yound boy for something that was said at a baseball game...We do not outlaw baseball bats...Someone tried to murder my husband by stabbing him in the back nine times...We do not outlaw knives...People have aimed their cars at people and ran them dowm killing them,,,We do not outlaw cars...Collage frats. have forced young men to drink far too much alcohol and some have died...We do not outlaw alcohol...Then why guns...With the proper respect, and a little commen scence guns are safe...Even if they are left out loaded in plan sight...It is time that Big Brother started to treat us as we are...Grown Ups that have a brain in their heads...And not as two year olds that need a baby sitter.<br />
<br />
Guns are made to defence ones self, and to put dinner on the table...Nothing tastes better than fresh killed deer. that you hunted your self.....MMMMMM Good with a little wild mushrooms....Making myself hungery....

I have a right to bare arms, too. I choose not to exercise it, though. I prefer to wear sleeves.