One Strange Friendship

DUH! Amy is my sister, I have knowing her since we were three! How we met? That is quite the funny story:

My mum had left when I was three, at the time I was in nursery ~(for those who do not know what nursery is, it is like the Scottish kindergarden I guess). Anyway, I was upset when my mum had left so the teachers had told the class to leave me alone. Amy being the midjet she is XD did not listen to them. She comes along quite the thing and asked what was wrong, I did not answer so she thought it would be fun to sit on me.

Tada the begining of a fun friendship. Ever since then we have been friends, of course she no longer sits on me, not unless she wants to be hit by the spatuala!

Ah the spatuala! I was on the phone and she was there too. We were really hyper of course and she decided to steal my phone. I went to the kitchen and came back with the spatuala! She bolted with the person still on the phone! It was fu XD I won! HAHAHA she got beating with the spatuala!

Yep Amy is more than a best friend, she is my sister. Love ye sis!
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18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013