I Can See Clearly Now The Spots are Gone!

Well hello!  The blue is beauuuutiful and oh, you're all so clean.  No more confusion with the Ls and Is on the page.  Why didn't I do this sooner?

wildernessgirl wildernessgirl
11 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Oh thanks Amy. It feels just as good as a facial!

hehe i see ur screen is very clean,nice job *thumbs up*heh :)

Autumn cleaning here :) I love autumn adn Spring , don't you?

A bit of spring cleaning...... depending on ur geographical location lol.

We must try eating the cake with chopstick - as seen in Malaysia!! So Lil, make the cake a sticky one!

I like having windows opened, too...in summer...and parts of fall, that is. No dust storms here, thank goodness. But if the wind does pick up, and we're in the prairies...Yikes!<br />
<br />
So we have another party then...cake and Smirnoff??? Never tried this combination before...hmmm... We had fairy bread before. And that's similar. I wonder what cake Lilly is baking...

Well I generally have it slightly open for a bit of air flow but I ALWAYS try to have it closed if I know that a dust storm is coming!

Actually I cleaned my whole desk today. I left my window open during a dust storm last week and the grit under my mouse has been driving me crazy. So everything around me is clean and relatively tidy! I wonder how long it will last? :)

Hang on! You girls have been partying without me! I hope you all have clean screens now! Isn't it just amazing the difference it makes?? :)

LOL, Super-D! Okay...deal then. Smirnoff is easier for me to bring than cake! Unless Lilly still wants to bring some for me...haha... ;)

Haha...after Lilly...my turn, okay? Lilly will still supply the cake. ;)