Sign : Noone Enters (just Me)

  that room noone should clean it ,except me! i remember we argued some times just for that..but i have things i want to
see only n noone else n i just cant...i want to clean only there

ok... today i cleaned-cleaned ! i threw away so many things(especially papers.....and one shoe!) .I was cleaning for some hours
n then got out the room with a big bag heh.

- what is all that?
- just things i don need ..
-u haven cleaned so much for so long (i clean but i don throw away things.. )

 i threw away some things i had from when i was goin to college(that goes away,this too,why do i still have this etc).I changed place of some things etc . my diary especially has a secret tired but idc.. i felt better in the end that i cleaned corner to corner...n i was still sleepy,i went back to bed n then continue again ..
amysangels amysangels
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6 Responses Dec 21, 2010

i don think u would like my papers redlady heh...

Ah.. I like collecting things people don't want anymore. I find many nice things that way.

i threw away papers mostly,redlady..n changed places of some things

Hmm anything good someone else might want to keep??? I mean besides that old shoe.....?


*shrugs*i have no idea ! heh